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What does Click Through Rate (CTR) mean?

What does Click Through Rate (CTR) mean?

The Click Through Rate (CTR) indicates the number of clicks made ​​by the Subscribers of your Campaign in relation to the number of delivered Emails. Find out how to calculate it and how it differs from CTOR.

To determine the effectiveness of your Email Marketing Campaign, the measure of performance is an essential task. Through the CTR you can evaluate how your subscribers interact with the piece you’ve sent.

Example to calculate:

1) Take the total number of Emails sent and subtract the number of bounces, incorrect and repeated. For example, you send a Campaign to 1.500 subscribers, of which 120 are bounces, 80 are detected as incorrect, and 1.300 are delivered.

2) Calculate the number of Subscribers who have clicked on any of the links available. Following the example above, 90 of Emails open received clicks on any of the links.

3) Divide the number of Emails delivered by the number of Subscribers who performed clicks.

4) Multiply the result by 100 to calculate the percentage.

Now, pay attention to the formula:

(Subscribers who made clicks/Emails delivered) x 100

CTR= (90/1300) X 100 = 7%

Although standards are different in each industry, a CTR above 10% is considered to be positive and it indicates that your Campaign is being effective, generating interest on the links you have included.

Now, if you would like to obtain more specific information about your shipping performance, you can always calculate individual CTR of each one of the links: results above 1% can be considered positive.

And what is CTOR?

CTOR (or Click Trough Open Rate) indicates how many clicks your Susbcribers made in relation to your Campaign’s Open Rate.

To improve this indicators, you can:

Keep an eye on your Campaign’s content. It might not be quite what your recipients are looking for and it can affect your performance (and your ROI).

Check whether your are sending the right kind of content to the right people. Not everybody is interested in receiving the same information.

Incluide CTAs on your piece. Build each Campaign thinking in one objective.


This way you will think each and every aspect of your piece according to that goal and you will be more likely to achieve it.