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How to Increase Click-Through Rate (CTR) on Your Landing Page

How to Increase Click-Through Rate (CTR) on Your Landing Page

Brush off all your hesitations and shyness and ask for more. There’s no harm in asking for more and more and more click-through’s when you’re working so hard.

You are working hard, aren’t you? Well working hard isn’t always the answer to success – it’s working ‘smart’ that’s the answer to your success.

I have a feeling you’ve spent hours online looking for ways to increase your CTR and plan to spend some more, but let me stop you right there. You are currently at the brink of CTR evolution and all you have to do to learn the anatomy of CTR is read on.

Below is the elixir of life for any internet marketer who is suffering from compromised CTRs.

Here are the 5 spells that will enchant your visitors and you’ll have them at your heels in no time just like the Pied Piper of Hamelin.


First things, first: gone are the days of being satisfied with simple page visits and views. You are no longer a novice in the business and you have to prove that with increased followers. It’s not going to work if you only say so, no one believes in a no-show.

So what do you have to show for it? Well, if you say you’ve got nothing to show then you’ve got some serious reading to do.

First up, one of the most common problems that internet marketers have is either an unimpressive page or content that lacks value.

You must keep in mind, that no matter how grave your service is, you must always appeal to the aesthetics of the visitor. Who doesn’t like something that pristine and pure?

Well there are broadly two ways to address this issue of how to present your page. You have to remember that your main objective is not to just get visitors on your page but to get them to sign up.

The look or content of the page matters because it leaves an impression on the visitor’s mind. Visitors always come looking for something, but often the page is not up to par with the standard they’ve set in their mind perhaps. You most definitely don’t want them to leave with a frown like this


  • Of the two ways to enhance your landing page, one is to make it emotionally engaging so that the visitors can easily override their ability to over think situations.


Besides the feelings that you will hopefully be wringing out if you’ve read the link, this next one should get you through the technicalities of your landing page.


  • The second way to get people hooked is to generate absolutely addictive content. You’ve got to put on your thinking cap and pick up that super-quill so that you produce witty, relevant and utterly important text.


Although I will advise you against being text-heavy since no one’s registered for a course here, you will want to jot down your objectives so that you address the problems with which your visitors have arrived.

This way you can at least ensure that they’ll be hanging around for a few seconds longer and you can throw in your bait.

Content does not necessarily mean text, it can also be pictures – of course only if they are relevant – and you can use infographics to replace both text and pictures.  While visuals help us remember things better, 40% people even respond better to infographics.


Then again, all infographics aren’t useful. You have to make sure that you add only the most effective infographs to enhance your page and impress your visitors.

The reason you have to have perhaps a very high standard landing page is because often even simply being the top-ranked result on a search engine may encourage the visitors to trust you consequently increasing your CTR.

You have to learn to be the attention seeker that you truly are. How else do you expect your sales to rise!

Now that you’re done putting together your impressive content and layout, you will want to take their hands and lead them on to the next step – action!

Again, a reminder to you all, having gotten a stream of visitors isn’t success really, neither for your visitors nor for you.  They are yet to find a solution and you are yet to find a convert.

They want to find the right solution to what they came seeking, and you want a fraction of their wealth, right? So for both you and your visitors, the page is only the means to an end.

So the next question is, how do you do it?

You call them to action. While some will flock to your CTA options because they are need of something, others will be much harder to draw.

There are several ways to direct your visitors towards the CTA.

  • The first thing you could use is the standard elevated box that has the deals or email subscription details on it and the button below all the details.

However, you need to put a twist to this standard age-old way of inviting people to embark with you on a unique journey.

  • Another thing to do is to trigger in your visitors the fear of loss phenomena that will cause them to rush to your rescue.


Tell them that the deal of a lifetime will be shutting down in just a few hours and the rush you’ll see is absolute mayhem.

The basic idea for this hack is to portray the scarcity of an offer so that visitors will make a decision much quicker than they would have otherwise.

A looming deadline is said to trigger a minimum of 50% rise in CTR in the last 24 hours of sales.

Here’s another image for your aid,


The models in the picture above are serving several purposes to gear up the CTR for the sale of tickets.

  • Firstly, they are looking directly at the opt-in form that will also guide the gaze of the visitors in that general direction, and more specifically towards the form.
  • They are also looking in the general direction of the heading that says Get 2 Free Movie Tickets Now! Although it seems like a command, it surely has instigated in the visitors a sense of urgency.
  • The form that they are looking at asks for the email address that has attached with it an offer for a Free Vacation! The look of surprise is to denote that the offer is an amazing one; one not to be missed. The box for email subscriptions has been checked so that visitors may follow the cue.

As exciting as the offer is, the part that seals the deal for the marketer is the word NOW.

Even though there’s no deadline given, the urgency of the word ‘now’ will make the visitors feel that time is running out and they have got to hurry.

Similarly, in the screenshot below, we have an amazed voice exclaiming Wow! that tells us that this is not something that is always for the taking.

This offer is then perhaps exclusive and something definitely worth trying.

Your visitors have to know that you want them to make an action that they are otherwise going to regret.

Finally, your presence in the social media has to be overwhelming. Like, literally.

With several social networking sites, this is the most happening way to build trust for your business and consecutively increase your CTR.


As you can see in the picture above, the social media landscape is vast and once you get caught on the radar your chances of doing better increases. Then again there are certain pointers that you have got to keep in mind when dealing with the social sites.

Remember, focused work always increases efficiency.

  • Try giving offers on the sites, for instance, on Facebook. This could be an exclusive offer only for Facebook users who are also subscribed to your mail. This will encourage people to sign up for news of your daily deals.

However, which site you use depends highly on what you are trying to sell. Make sure you are on LinkedIn if you are trying to reach out to a more professional niche of people.

If it’s for a gaming app, then Facebook has to be your place given that it happens to be the most game-friendly site around.

NGOs or charity organizations bank themselves on Twitter because they do not need their customers to constantly communicate with them, rather organizations like the UN or Save The Children require contributions from time to time.

The organizations can keep their followers on Twitter updated with regular posts, and so this is a good idea for you if you are doing something along the same line.

Then again there are certain things you should be wary of when choosing the site.

While there’s no doubt that social sites are the best for collecting CTRs, there’s a difference between them.

The latest from the business world is this: that although the shares are much higher up on Facebook than on Twitter, the CTR of Twitter is a staggering 1904%, compared to Facebook’s meager 287%. Burn!

These are some of the tried and tested ways to get people to sign up for your deal, but in I’m pretty sure you can always keep a few tricks more up your sleeve.


So the conclusion of relevance, attention, presence on the social media and manipulation is that you have got to get it right. It isn’t that hard is it?

Now that you’ve read this Grimoire, go out there and dazzle your visitors with the most impressive tricks of all time.