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Your Social Media and Email Marketing Are More Alike Than You Think

Your Social Media and Email Marketing Are More Alike Than You Think

You might think that social media has overtaken all other marketing strategies. It’s transformed the ways in which today’s law firms connect with and serve their clients.

In the past, email marketing was the go-to strategy for law firms that wanted to grow their practices. It made it easy to broadcast your marketing messages to a qualified group of recipients.

But social media and email aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, your social media and email marketing are more alike than you think.

Understanding how to integrate these two strategies gives your law firm a leading edge against competitors and increases your bottom line.

Social Media Changed the Marketing Landscape

Social media is the primary way that clients stay connected to your practice and receive the valuable resources and insights you have to offer.

It makes it easy to share your content with other members of their communities who also need your legal services.

Social media platforms provide a real-time and immediate connection that’s hard to ignore. But email marketing still has a unique set of benefits that law firms must consider in order to maximize their marketing efforts.

How Email is Like Social Media

Emails are direct communications with individuals who have expressed interest in your legal services. They’ve purchased your services in the past or have provided their email information in order to receive your newsletter or some free offer.

This makes email a more qualified approach to marketing your legal services. More importantly, it provides you with valuable data related to your target audience.

With email marketing, law firms know what services a recipient has purchased, what information they’re likely to need, and what topics and keywords they respond to most.

Like social media, emails allow your law practice to develop a brand voice. Today’s brands must be humanized in order to connect more deeply with their target audiences. Direct lines of communication through email and social media allow you to do just that. Email and social media make it easy to broadcast your message to a large number of people.

Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing

In order to get the most out of your social media and email marketing, you need to develop a strategy that integrates both platforms so that each one supports the other.

Social media and email teams must work together to ensure consistency in your marketing messages and distribution. This leads to greater focus in your objectives, more efficient optimization, and better results.

Through ongoing testing, your social media and emails will be relevant to the needs of your current and future clients. Use A/B testing methods to optimize headlines, email subject lines, images, keywords, and calls-to-action. 

Use your email to build relationships in the same way that you do with social media. Make your email more social and encourage recipients to offer their thoughts, questions, and feedback.

If you just use email to sell your legal services, you run the risk of losing potential clients who unsubscribe to your email lists. 

Like social media, email can be used as a listening tool. This gives you invaluable insights into the needs, pain points, and desires of your potential clients.

Social media and email marketing are more alike than most law firms realize. Knowing the benefits of each and creating an integrated strategy that leverages both is the key to your online success.

If you’re struggling with your social media or email marketing, let us know what challenges you’re facing in the comments below.

We’ll help you develop the right strategy to foster the online relationships that lead to more clients for your law practice.