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Getting ROI Out of your Email Lead Generation Campaigns

Getting ROI Out of your Email Lead Generation Campaigns

Email lead generation campaigns are a powerful method for connecting with your target market on a large scale through a message that matters to your prospects. They take a lot of the guess work out of cold calling. Automation platforms handle the tedious email grunt work for you. And they help you build a content catalogue of valuable materials to help you through the sales process.

At the same time, lead generation email campaigns do require some elbow grease and some expenditures up front. Getting marketing campaign ROI often feels like rocket science. If you don’t know how to organize all the important elements of a high-functioning lead generation campaign, then it can be hard to see the positive campaign ROI outcomes you’re anticipating.

There are four elements you need to include in your email lead generation campaign strategy if you want to see your time and money come back to you. These are all marketing campaign elements that we at KLA Group work directly with our clients to achieve.


  1. Expertly written content
    It’s not enough to share the churn and burn content that can be found anywhere on the internet. Your content has to establish you as a thought leader, someone your prospect can trust. You have to prove through the information you’re sharing that you understand what’s going through your prospect’s mind before you’ve spoken with them.
  2. Personalized emailsThere is a time and place for graphic marketing materials. We love them! We even create them. But lead generation email campaigns that work have to be written to feel natural, like a real life conversation. The goal is to start an actual conversation. You start that process by talking to your prospects through your campaign emails as if you already know them.
  3. Campaign Lead scoringThis is where we see companies really falter. Getting through the content and emails feels like progress, but it’s actually only the beginning of your campaign activities. Campaign lead scoring provides amazing insight into which prospects on your list are engaging with your content.Typically, with the clients we write and manage lead generation campaigns for, we see about 20% of an overall cold list engage at least once with a campaign.  From there, we see about 40% engaging frequently enough to warrant a follow-up call.  But if you don’t perform lead scoring, you’re just spinning your marketing wheels and failing to provide Sales with warm leads to follow-up with – the entire point of your campaign.
  4. Follow-up calling
    Here is where we see companies fall apart. Many companies view lead generation email campaigns as a replacement to cold calling. Not true.Lead generation email campaigns – through prospect engagement and your subsequent lead scoring – provide a focused direction to make your warm calling more successful. You still have to pick up the phone. Prospects don’t fall into your lap until your company’s Recognition ROI is in the upper right Expert Status Recognition quadrant. Calling is required.

As with anything worth doing, you’ve got to do lead generation right if you want it to work.  Put these four elements in place to begin to see the ROI from your email lead generation campaigns.

If you’re dissatisfied with the ROI from your email lead generation campaigns, we can help.  Shoot me an email at or call us at 303-741-6636 and let’s discuss your situation.