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41 Top Lead Generation Tools of 2019

41 Top Lead Generation Tools of 2019

There are a lot of different ways to generate leads for your company. Email marketing, cold outreach, and content marketing are all viable options to generate leads. The tools you need to be successful will depend on your specific goals.

Knowing which tools and software platforms to use for lead generation can be tricky, there are lots of options that claim to do similar things. So here’s a list of the best lead generation tools, arranged by categories that will fit your specific lead generation strategy. We’ve also included a detailed explanation of how you can use each tool.

All of the following screenshots and ratings were sourced from GetApp when available.

Lead Data Collection Tools

These tools help collect data on your prospects such as who visited your site or contact information so that you can follow up/reach out to potential prospects.

1. Leadfeeder

Best Lead Generation Tools - Leadfeeder Dashboard

Pricing: 14-day Free Trial, Paid plans start at $59/month

Rating: 4/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 54 reviews)

We’ll start this list with an introduction to ourselves and our tool so you know who we are and what Leadfeeder does. Leadfeeder tells you what companies visit your website, even if they never fill out a form or contact you.

All you need is Google Analytics for Leadfeeder to tell you who visited your site in the last 30 days. It also finds contact information for employees at the company. This allows you to follow up with visitors who never inquired about your product or time your outreach to prospects in your sales pipeline.

A 14-day free trial is available with paid plans starting at $59/month.


Best Lead Generation Tools -

Pricing: Paid plans start at $74/month (annually) or $99/month (monthly)

Rating: N/A is a modern day sales Automation Platform that’s fully integrated with Salesforce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot. The Chrome extension helps you find prospects in one click and launch cold email campaigns straight from your browser in mere seconds.

Looking for new prospects takes time and effort. With, you can focus on what really matters: selling.

Paid plans start at $74 per month (if paid annually) or $99 per month (if paid monthly) and goes up in price based on how many credits you’ll need.

Email Lookup Tools

These tools help to automate the process of finding someone’s email address.

3. Voila Norbert

Best Lead Generation Tools - Voila Norbert

Pricing: Free to find up to 50 emails, Plans start at $49/month

Rating: N/A

Voila Norbert is a tool that can be used to find someone’s email address. Simply, you’d enter the name of the person you’d like to find an email for, along with the company they work for, and Voila Norbert will automatically find the email address. Bulk email identification is also available. In addition to paid plans, you can purchase pay-as-you-go plans at $0.10/lead.

4. Hunter

Best Lead Generation Tools - Hunter

Pricing: Free to find up to 100 requests, Plans start at $39/month

Rating: N/A

Like Voila Norbert, Hunter can be used to find emails by typing in the person’s name and their company. You can also browse for all emails at a specific company. You can use the tool for free for up to 100 requests (email searches). From there, paid plans start at $39/month for 1,000 requests/month.


Best Lead Generation Tools -

Pricing: Free

Rating: N/A

The tool at is really simple. You enter in an email will check if that email address exists.While it doesn’t work 100% of the time (some servers block email authentication tests), it can be a good tool to “guess” and check someone’s email if you can’t find it using a tool like Voila Norbert or Hunter.

6. Skrapp

Best Lead Generation Tools - Skrapp

Pricing: Free to find up to 150/month, Paid plans start at $39/month

Rating: N/A

Skrapp is a tool specifically for finding someone’s LinkedIn email. Skrapp has Chrome Extension that, when enabled, will show a “Find Email” button on a person’s LinkedIn profile. You can then click this button and Skrapp will find that person’s email when possible. The tool can be used for free to find up to 150 emails/month. After that, paid plans start at $39/month for 1,000 emails/month.

Email Followup Tools

If you do a lot of cold email outreach, or your sales approach requires following up with prospects often, these tools will help you to keep track of your outreach efforts.

7. Boomerang


Pricing: Free with 10 message credits/month, Paid plans start at $5/month

Rating: N/A

Boomerang is a Gmail extension that allows you to schedule emails. But, it’s also helpful to deliver emails back to your inbox when you don’t receive a response from the person you originally messaged. For example, you can send the email back to your inbox if the person doesn’t reply within two days. This helps to stay organized when following up with prospects.

8. Hubspot Sales


Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $50/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 658 reviews)

Hubspot Sales is a division of Hubspot’s complete marketing and sales platform. One of the best features of Hubspot Sales is the ability to track email opens. Hubspot Sales features a Gmail extension that will allow you decide which emails to track. Then, when a prospect opens an email, you will receive an update. You can also check all of your opened/unopened emails in the Hubspot Sales dashboard.

9. Yet Another Mail Merge


Pricing: Free for 50 emails/day, Paid plan at $24 for 400 email/day

Rating: N/A

Yet Another Mail Merge is a Google Sheets Extension that you can use to track email opens. This tool makes it easy to send email in bulk, see who opened your email, and follow up based on who opened your email, who didn’t open your email, etc. The tool is free to send up to 50 emails/day. Also, for every person you refer, you will receive an additional 50 emails/day.

Form & Email Collection Tools

These tools are all about collecting emails on your site in order to build your email list, either for future drip campaigns or to simply build a larger list for content promotion.

10. Sumo

Best Lead Generation Tools - Sumo

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $29/month

Rating: 4/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 7 reviews)

Sumo is one of the most popular tools for listing building and capturing emails on your site. The tool offers features for popups, slide-in popups, and welcome mats (a popup email opt-in that covers an entire page). The tool also has an option for a floating social share bar on your site and heat maps for figuring out where visitors are clicking on your site. The tool can be used for free (with Sumo branding on popups and the social share bar).



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11. OptinMontser


Pricing: Paid plans start at $9/month

Rating: 4/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 3 reviews)

OptinMonster is a tool similar to Sumo. It too includes email optin popups. Forms and popups can be built using a drag-and-drop builder.

12. Convert Plus


Pricing: Paid WordPress Plugin for $23

Rating: N/A

Convert Plus is another tool for displaying popup forms on your website. However, instead of a SaaS solution, this tool is offered as WordPress plugin. It has many of the same features as Sumo including timed popups, percentage of the page scrolled popups, exit popups, etc. It can be a good tool for companies using WordPress that can’t invest in a monthly SaaS tool.

13. Fieldboom

Best Lead Generation Tools - Fieldboom

Pricing: Paid plans start at $29/month

Rating: N/A

Fieldboom is an all-in-one customer feedback tool for offering different types of forms on your site. Instead of having a separate platform for creating surveys, another for lead forms, another for CRM, and so on, Fieldboom ties in all of these activities together. You can create surveys, customer support forms, lead forms, job application forms, and more.

Email Marketing Tools

To take it a step further, these tools will allow you to actually create email marketing campaigns and automated email drip campaigns. Using email marketing, you can continue to educate subscribers and eventually turn them into potential sales.

14. MailChimp

Best Lead Generation Tools - MailChimp

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $10/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 2295 reviews)

MailChimp is one of the most popular and easiest to use email marketing platforms out today. One of its best features is its intuitive, easy to use drag-and-drop email builder. MailChimp also offers email automation. The platform can be used for free to store up to 2,000 email contacts and send out 12,000 emails/month. After that, paid plans start at $10/month.

15. ActiveCampaign

Best Lead Generation Tools - ActiveCampaign

Pricing: Paid plans start at $9/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 76 reviews)

AcitveCampaign is another popular email marketing platform. While ActiveCampaign’s email builder isn’t as polished as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign has a more powerful email automation editor.

16. SendinBlue

Best Lead Generation Tools - SendinBlue

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $7/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 119 reviews)

SendinBlue is one of the more affordable options for email marketing with their paid plans starting at only $7/month. This plan allows for up to 40,000 emails to be sent a month. All of SendinBlue’s plans allow for unlimited email contact storage.

Landing Page Creation & Capture Tools

These tools will allow you to create custom landing page and lead capture forms on your website. These are useful when trying to get visitors to sign up for an Ebook, a demo request, or a sales call.

17. Unbounce

Best Lead Generation Tools - Unbounce

Pricing: Paid plans start at $79/month

Rating: 5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 48 reviews)

Unbounce is a tool used to create custom landing pages. The platform features a drag-and-drop landing page builder as well as many pre-built templates. Opt-in popups and A/B testing are also available. A 30-day free trial is available with paid plans starting at $79/month.

18. Instapage

Best Lead Generation Tools - Instapage

Pricing: Paid plans start at $68/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 144 reviews)

Another popular landing page builder, Instapage integrates with popular email marketing and CRM platforms like Hubspot, MailChimp, and Salesforce. The tool offers a drag-and-drop landing page as well as other handy features such as lead capture forms and heat maps.

19. Leadpages

Best Lead Generation Tools - Leadpages

Pricing: Paid plans start at $25/month

Rating: N/A

Leadpages claims to be the “#1 Landing Page Builder”. While we can’t necessarily say it’s the best, it does have a very well-designed drag-and-drop builder that is super easy to use. Additionally, the platform enables you to build Facebook ads directly inside the tool and it evens features built-in payment functionality for forms.

20. ClickFunnels

Best Lead Generation Tools - ClickFunnels

Pricing: Paid plans start at $97/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 11 reviews)

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel and landing page builder all-in-one solution. With the tool, you can select from a variety of different sales funnels, and build the process out from there. A 14-day free trial is available with paid plans starting at $97/month after that.

Complete Marketing Automation Tools

All-in-one marketing and automation tools remove the hassle of integrating multiple platforms together (such as your email marketing provider, landing page builder, popup builder, etc.) and instead combines all of these tools into one platform.

Additionally, many often include lead management and scoring features. While this can make managing leads easier, it typically comes at a higher price. So consider whether you’d like to go with an all-in-one solution carefully. Below, are a few top platforms:



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21. Hubspot

Best Lead Generation Tools - Hubspot

Pricing: Free, Paid plans vary depending on which features you need

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 1394 reviews)

Hubspot is one of the biggest and well-known tools on the market for SaaS companies and agencies. The all-in-one marketing and CRM solution has features for managing contacts, posting to your blog, creating landing pages, finding prospects, and more. Pricing largely depends on what features you need as Hubspot is comprised of three main platforms: Hubspot CRM, Hubspot Sales, and Hubspot Marketing. However, free plans are available for all three platforms.

22. Marketo


Pricing: Paid plans start at ~ $900/month

Rating: 4/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 292 reviews)

Marketo is another all-in-one solution that features lead management, lead scoring, email marketing, email automation, and analytics. Again, pricing will depend largely on the features you need and you will need to get in touch with sales to receive pricing information. However, we’ve seen packages start at roughly $900/month.

23. Pardot


Pricing: Paid plans start at $1,000/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 254 reviews)

With Pardot, you can create landing pages, conduct A/B testing, save prospects, integrate Google Adwords, create email campaigns, and set up email automation. There is no free trial available, however, you can view a demo by filling out a lead form on Pardot’s website.

24. Infusionsoft

Best Lead Generation Tools - Infusionsoft

Pricing: Paid plans start at $70/month

Rating: 4/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 398 reviews)

Infusionsoft is an all-in-one solution for marketing automation and CRM. You can manageme contacts, score leads, create automated email campaigns, create landing pages, track website visitors, and more. A free trial is not available. However, a demo can be scheduled upon request.

25. SharpSpring

Best Lead Generation Tools - SharpSpring

Pricing: Paid plans start at $400/month

Rating: 4/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 398 reviews)

SharpSpring is a bit of a lesser known all-in-one solution but it still has many of the same features of the top players. The platform features lead management, lead scoring, email marketing, and email automation. Pricing starts at $400/month for 1,500 contacts.

Process Automation Tools

These tools help you save time by automatically completing routine actions. They can be used directly to find leads by notifying you of new postings on a specific directory, or they can simply help you save time by automating mundane tasks.

For example, here is a short list of ways to use IFTTT for lead generation and other sales automation.


Best Lead Generation Tools - IFTTT

Pricing: Free

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 27 reviews)

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. The platform can be used to complete a specified action when another specific action happens. For example, if someone posts in a specific Craigslist category, you can automatically receive an email in your inbox with that posting. This can be helpful for companies that browse Craigslist for leads, such as web design companies.

27. Zapier

Best Lead Generation Tools - Zapier

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $20/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 158 reviews)

Zapier works much like IFFFT does, if a specific action occurs then another is automatically completed. One big difference is you can generally create more elaborate actions using Zapier. For example, when you receive an email, the email could automatically be added to Dropbox, then an alert can be created in Slack.

Live Chat Tools

Live chat tools allow your team the opportunity to grab the attention of your site’s visitors using a chat bubble that is visible on any pages that you set. This allows potential customers to quickly get in touch and answer any questions they may have about your product.

28. Drift

Best Lead Generation Tools - Drift

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $50/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 12 reviews)

Drift is a cloud-based live chat app that allows visitors to your site to click a chat bubble on your site to get in touch with a member of your team. Drift starts off free for one user and 100 contacts. From there, pricing starts at $50/month for one user and 1,000 contacts.

29. Intercom

Best Lead Generation Tools - Intercom

Pricing: Paid plans start at $49/month

Rating: 4/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 103 reviews)

Intercom is also another tool that can be used for live chat on your site. In addition to live chat, Intercom has features for managing conversations, sending targeted messages, and publishing help articles on your site. There are no free plans. Plans start at $49/month.


Best Lead Generation Tools -

Pricing: Free, $9/month to remove branding

Rating: N/A is a live chat tool similar to Drift and Intercom, however, the tool is offered specifically as a WordPress plugin. The tool can be installed for free with Tawk branding on the chat widgets. It’s then $9/month to remove the company branding.

Social & Forum Tools

These tools can help to save time finding leads on social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

31. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Best Lead Generation Tools - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pricing: Paid plans start at $65/month

Rating: N/A

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s own tool for finding prospects on popular social network. The tool includes a more advanced search filter for finding prospects, displays more detailed information for prospects at a glance, lead saving, lead recommendations, and InMail credits.



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32. Twitter Search

Best Lead Generation Tools - Twitter Search

Pricing: Free

Rating: N/A

Using Twitter Search, you can search tweets to find people who could use your service or product. For example, if you’re a web designer, you may search the term “web designer” to find companies who have tweeted in search of a web designer. Then, you can retweet them or try to find a direct employee’s contact information using one of the email tools we mentioned in this list.

33. Quora

Best Lead Generation Tools - Quora

Pricing: Free

Rating: N/A

Quora is a huge forum for people to ask questions. It’s similar to Yahoo Answers but the responses on Quora are generally of a higher-quality and provide more insight. Using Quora, you can search for questions from your target audience and provide helpful answers. This will create awareness for your company, product, or service. This works not only for the person who originally asked the question but also future visitors who find the page via search.

Contest Tools

Running a contest can be a great way to create brand awareness and get people to signup to your email list. From there, you can continue to market to them through email drip campaigns. Below, are a few tools that will make it easy to create and promote a viral contest.

34. Vyper

Best Lead Generation Tools - Vyper

Pricing: Paid plans start at $29/month

Rating: N/A

Vyper is a tool for creating viral contests. While getting a contest to go viral is easier said than done, Vyper enables your contest participants to earn additional entries by completing further actions such as completing a form on your website, following your social profiles, or referring a friend. You can set the number of extra entries a participant will earn and increase the likelihood your contest will be shared.

35. Gleam

Best Lead Generation Tools - Gleam

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $39/month

Rating: N/A

Gleam functions similar to Vyper allowing you to create a viral contest. While not as polished as Vyper, Gleam enables you to create contest for a host of different purposes such contests to increase engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Eventbrite, etc.

36. Rafflecopter

Best Lead Generation Tools - Rafflecopter

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $13/month

Rating: N/A

Rafflecopter is one of the easiest platforms for creating a well-designed contest quickly. You can try the tool for free, but before launching your contest, you will need to purchase a paid plan starting at $13/month. Rafflecopter offers options for contest entry via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Customer Research/Survey Tools

Using survey and customer research tools, you can gain useful information on your target audience such as what websites they visit, if they found your website useful, how much they’re willing to spend, etc. All of this information can then be used to tweak your website and sales process to better serve potential customers.

37. Qualaroo


Pricing: Paid plans start at $199/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 3 reviews)

Qualaroo is a tool for gathering feedback from visitors on your site. You can use the tool to show survey and popup lead forms on your site. You can ask customers questions like, “Is our pricing clear enough?”, “Did this page answer your question?”, etc. and then use that data to better optimize your site.

38. Survicate

Best Lead Generation Tools - Survicate

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $169/month

Rating: 5/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 15 reviews)

Survicate is another tool for collecting feedback from your audience. In addition to showing surveys or feedback forms on your site, you can also embed a survey directly into an email. This makes it easy to get feedback after customer support threads.

39. Google Forms

Best Lead Generation Tools - Google Forms

Pricing: Free

Rating: N/A

While it won’t have the level of integration and analytics that come with tools like Survicate or Qualaroo, Google Forms can still be useful in creating surveys. The tool is easy to use, and best of all, it’s free.

Calendar Scheduling Tools

Calendar tools are useful in lead generation to schedule meetings without going through a lot of back and forth between prospects to find a time that works. By allowing potential prospects to simply schedule a time on your calendar, you can make it much easier to schedule sales calls or demo requests.

40. Calendly

Best Lead Generation Tools - Calendly

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $8/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (based on 56 reviews)

Calendly makes it easy to schedule meetings, sales calls, demo requests, and so on. With the tool, you’d simply set the times you are available, and prospects can choose a time from your schedule that works for them. You can even add a Calendly link to your email signature.

41. Doodle

Best Lead Generation Tools - Doodle

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $18/month

Rating: 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (based on 18 reviews)

Doodle is another solid option for easy meeting scheduling. In addition to simple scheduling options, Doodle allows participants to vote on the best times that will work to meet. The organizer can then pick the best option. This can make it easy for scheduling meetings with multiple people.

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