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Top 10 Marketing Automation Mistakes that Will Haunt You

Top 10 Marketing Automation Mistakes that Will Haunt You

Here at Salesfusion, we eat candy for breakfast, our desks are decorated with spiders and cobwebs, and we’re all about competitive costume contests around Halloween. In honor of the Spooky Season, we compiled some tricks and treats to keep you from making haunting marketing mistakes and ensure you’re launching sweet campaigns.

  1. Conducting a “Wake the Dead” Campaign, But Letting Zombies Linger in the CRM

    Target less active recipients to “wake them up” in a “wake the dead” campaign. This can reactivate old leads and get them engaged again, but some of them that are just plain dead, so get rid of them! After the campaign, evaluate your results and get rid of the dead.
  2. Creating Hair-Raising Email Designs

    We’ve all received one, so don’t be the one to send it. Tailor the message to the audience you are targeting. Include an appropriate amount of content for an email by keeping it short and sweet.
  3. Not Knowing “Witch” Email Design Performs Best

    Use A/B testing to make informed decisions about your email campaigns. Test a large sample set to avoid making changes based on statistically insignificant results.
  4. Ignoring the “Dark Magic” AKA Deliverability

    Get your messages to the intended recipient. List hygiene is key to making sure you are hitting the inbox. As a rule of thumb, put yourself in your recipient’s shoes – what kind of emails do you find valuable?
  5. Letting Your Scoring Profiles Collect Cobwebs

    Re-evaluate your profiles on a regular basis. Don’t approach scoring with a “set it and forget it” mentality. Evaluate the leads that are generated from scoring and update accordingly. Don’t forget to check in with your sales team and gain their perspective, as well.
  6. “Frankensteining” Your Lists Together

    Building a solid list helps keep subscribers and maintain good domain health. Keeping a preference center allows you to target recipients with the types of communications they want to receive. By understanding list performance, you will be able to eliminate poor performing lists.
  7. “Ghosting” Your Prospects Post Sale

    Marketing Automation can be just as useful after a deal closes. Use nurture campaigns to follow up post-sale or enhance customer onboarding experiences.
  8. Getting “Wrapped Up” in Complicated Workflows

    It doesn’t have to be complicated work. Nurtures are incredibly powerful and can take into account a variety of conditional steps, but they don’t have to. Sometimes simple is best.
  9. “Spooking” Prospects by Coming on Too Strong

    Be mindful of your email cadence when marketing to new prospects. Sending too many emails to new prospects can be off-putting and may lead to increased unsubscribes.
  10. Letting MQLs “R.I.P”

    Automating workflows to your CRM is incredibly helpful, but make sure to leverage the full value of the integration. You have to have an agreed upon process in place with Sales for how leads will be followed up on when the push over to the CRM.

Watch the webinar to get more valuable tricks and treats!

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