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11 Email Marketing Designs Worth Testing in 2019

11 Email Marketing Designs Worth Testing in 2019

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. The fact is that people like email: it’s quick, efficient, and effective. This year the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will reach 293.6 billion, and this is expected to reach 333.2 billion by the end of 2022.

To keep pace, email marketing design best practices, marketing strategies, and tactics will need to develop further to keep up with improvements in technology. Email marketing design trends in 2019 will dictate slicker experiences as marketers take advantage of developments in automated email to generate more revenue from welcome emails, cart abandonment emails, and other email communications with customers.

Below we’ve listed eleven of the best email newsletter design trends and inspirations for you to test in 2019 and make your email communications stellar.

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1. Interactivity is among the latest email marketing design trends

Sidebars and links within emails is just the beginning of the interactivity we can expect to see in support of email content as an email marketing design trend in 2019. Emails will continue to be designed to appear as a microsite within consumers’ inboxes.

The advent of minor-interactions will be an email design trend to watch in 2019, along with the continued use of hamburger menus and search options, carousels, image galleries, offer reveals, and add-to-cart functionality that emerged as trends in email design to reduce barriers to engagement and produce clicks with high intent.

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2. Level up on personalization and segmentation

Dynamic content based on a variety of information sources will help marketers speak to the individual. With the advent of big data, content can now draw from a huge variety of consumer information to yield the most innovative email and website designs. Utilizing this trend in email design correctly when crafting personalized messages can improve open rates by 26%.

With a little help from artificial intelligence technology to crunch the massive amounts of information, email newsletter design trends will include a focus on master templates that allow tailored content to be dropped in. This will yield a beautiful email that looks and feels like a personal message. Personalization is also a defining web design trend in 2019. Chatbot technology will be honed as an AI tool for innovative website design, with these tools now able to have more seamless and fluent conversations with users.

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3. Web and email newsletter design trends for 2019 invite you to use color confidently

Color blocking, contrasting colors to attract attention to your CTA, and bright backgrounds that tie together all elements of your email design are trends that will carry on in 2019. The same characteristics define this as a web design trend to watch in 2019, too. With the rise of hero images on websites, there becomes an excellent opportunity to leverage high-quality, colorful photos that make an impact on visitors. Each example you see of this email and website design trend can be easily emulated and used for your own inspiration.


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4. Minimalistic, simple, and clean designs

Mobile phones became the most common devices to access emails in 2018. With less space and shorter attention spans on this platform versus desktop, web and email design trends in 2019 cater specifically to mobile. Try simpler email content that’s easier to consume on the go with clear and easy to follow calls to action.


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5. The newest in web design and email is CSS animation

Thanks to GIFs, cinemagraphs, keyframe animations, and live backgrounds that dominated in 2018, web and email design trends have led to no longer needing much written content. One of the email and web design trends of 2019 that expands upon this is CSS animation. Using an SVG graphic means there is no loss in quality as an image is resized rendered. As with other forms of visual content, create your CSS animation in such a way that it provides the bulk of your message and captures the attention and imagination.

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6. Keep it tidy and ordered

Well-balanced designs that are easy to consume will always be in the list of the latest email design trends. Organize content so it takes readers on a journey and directs them how to move through your email. One of the most innovative website design trends in 2019 is the card layout. Made popular on sites like Pinterest, ecommerce and other businesses are starting to leverage this format to increase CTR and keep users engaged. Keep in mind, too, that a few trends in email design remain relevant in 2019. These include using white space effectively so your images and text aren’t overwhelming. In doing so, you’ll communicate a lot of information in a clear, organized, and attractive way.


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7. When leveraging trends in email design, make sure to match design with copy

Imagery, font, and copy that match the message and the brand persona is one of the web and email marketing trends you need to test in 2019. It helps establish your company’s identity and makes you instantly recognizable to consumers. Additionally, it keeps your message balanced and organized. With the rising importance of typography as a web and email design trend in 2019, you can use fonts to define your brand in an entirely new way. A few aspects of typography that you can mess around with include the size of the font, the type of font, and vertical spacing between lines.


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8. Monochrome

In contrast to confident color usage, monochrome is set to make a comeback in 2019 as a ubiquitous email and website design trend – but it needs to be done right. A black and white scale is also among the latest web and email design trends to watch. This color palette (or lack thereof) creates striking contrasts and can make other elements of your email or web page stand out.


9. Divide and conquer

Divide information in new ways. This web and email newsletter trend for 2019 means trying horizontal divisions, geometric designs, or angular grids that give equal importance to several messages in one email while maintaining order and visual interest. One way to do this is to prioritize one announcement at the top of the email and then give equal weight to other content in their own blocks. Another options is an icon library. This format option is among a great website design idea because it boosts organization and makes the page more aesthetically pleasing. An icon library can easily be implemented as an email marketing design trend in 2019, too, by formatting email content into icons.

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10. Give tradition a twist with new email and website design ideas

Don’t fall into the same old holiday design clichés. Instead, give them a twist and modernize using the latest email design trends of 2019 so you stand out from the crowd and give something to your subscribers that will delight them with its uniqueness. You can use imagery that’s a nod to tradition and reimagines it in a way that consumers will appreciate. One retro web design trend making a comeback in a big way is glitch art. Glitch art gives your website or email a psychedelic appearance that users are craving in 2019. Try incorporating this email newsletter design trend in 2019 with videos, GIFs, or other dynamic content that will capture viewer attention and set you apart from the competition.

11. Be [info]Graphic

Sometimes we need to convey lots of information to customers. Just as trends in email design that use animations and GIFs can help you avoid the need for lots of text, getting visual through infographic and visual maps help to convey a lot of statistical information in a way that leads the reader through the journey simply and clearly. Don’t be surprised if video infographics make their way into the mix soon, too, as an email and web design trend for 2019. Businesses are prioritizing video production now more than ever, and the infographic idea is easily translated into video as a type of visual map users can move through.

As you consider these web and email marketing design trends for 2019, also recognize the importance of having your beautiful emails land in inboxes. NeverBounce’s email verification tool comes with a guarantee that if more than 3% of valid emails bounce, you receive a full refund. Don’t let your well-designed emails go to waste in spam boxes; get them delivered and reach your customers the right way.