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Essential Tips For Best Email Marketing Practices

Essential Tips For Best Email Marketing Practices

Email marketing is not just sending bulk messages to too many contacts. It is a marketing method with many features to use. Email marketing offers the best trackability among all other marketing methods; so, it enables the users to take advantage of all its features in a smart way.

This is the year of email! Approximately 250 billion emails are sent every single day! If you are ready to take a seat in this flow with great email marketing campaigns, let’s look at these tips to have the best email marketing practices.

Be responsive

best responsive email marketing templates

Today, there are thousands of different devices with different technological configurations and standards. So, you email marketing campaigns are displayed according to too many variants. In order to keep up with the current technological trends, you need to be responsive when creating newsletter designs.

Newsletter design is, without doubt, the most important part of an email marketing campaign. The last few years have witnessed a challenge for newsletter designers. With the spread of mobile devices globally, it got harder to create responsive newsletter designs; because the screens vary significantly from a desktop machine to a smart-phone. However, as observed, the mobile era has started and what a designer has to do is to adopt to this era.

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Personalize your email marketing campaigns

best personalized email marketing templates

Email Marketing 101 – Lesson 1: Don’t send bulk emails with no target audience.

Email marketing is the most trackable marketing method among all others. It is even better if you combine your web track records. Thanks to this trackability, you can know basically everything about your subscribers’ interests. So, you can in fact send campaigns that will attract their attention at a glance.

Instead of sending an email marketing campaign to a whole bunch of database periodically, create and trigger personalized campaigns.



Use interactive content in your newsletter designs

email marketing templates

Let’s admit it: email is a little bit boring. However, with the advancements in the sector and the email marketing solutions that companies like INBOX offers, it is now easy to make more enjoyable.

You can add gifs and vivid pictures in a newsletter design. Also, emojis are a new way to tell a lot of things with a single symbol. Don’t hesitate to use such colorful ingredients in your newsletter designs.


Automate a welcome email


Most senders either forget or don’t care about the automated welcome messages when e new subscriber joins the database. However, they are important. Try to make your welcome messages as “welcoming” as possible.


Offer different unsubscription options

Some subscribers may want to unsubscribe from your database in time. That’s perfectly normal. But, there may be some actions you could take before letting them go. You can offer them to receive less emails from you; and if accepted, move them to another list, for example. If the person is determined to leave you, then at least say a notable good bye to them.

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These are the most basic and essential tips for best email marketing practices. If you want to see more about how to improve your performance and stay tuned with the current trends, follow INBOX Blog!