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Build a Custom WordPress Login Page in 4 Easy Steps!

Build a Custom WordPress Login Page in 4 Easy Steps!

Does your website require users to login? Do you want them to see the bland, generic login page that is the WordPress default? Adding a WP custom login page is easier than you expect!


Build a WordPress custom login page

A custom WordPress login page allows you to carry your branding through every stage of the user experience, and maintain continuity even during login.

Four BIG Benefits of a custom login page

Seamless branding

Which is best? Showing users the boring, generic WordPress login page or a custom page that matches your site’s colors, fonts, and logos/branding? It's not hard to answer, is it? If you’re building WordPress sites for clients, they will definitely appreciate the extra branding a custom login page offers.

Better user experience

Customization isn't only about design and aesthetics. It also includes functionality like automatic redirection after login. This gives better user direction and helps move visitors to pages that should have primary focus.

Custom navigation

Add elements to your custom login page that offer additional value to users. Maybe navigation links, social icons or feeds, or whatever else fits your unique requirements.

Improved security

A custom WordPress login page may help improve your site’s security. By moving the page to a custom URL, you make it harder for automatic scripts and hackers to find.

WordPress Login Page with a WordPress login plugin

Generic VS WP Custom Login Pages

The WordPress User Registration plugin for Formidable Forms is a WordPress login plugin designed to publish a login form anywhere on your site. Place your login form on a custom-built page that is perfectly styled for this purpose.

Get a WP custom login page in 4 simple steps

Step 1 - Install and activate the WordPress User Registration plugin. Don't forget to add your license key.

Step 2 - Add a new page to your site for your custom login page. Add some content and styling to the page so it matches your company branding. Then, add a WordPress login form on the page.

Step 3 - Create a form to register new users, and publish it on a page that is customized with your branding and content.

Step 4 - Set the Login and Register pages that you just created in Formidable → Global Settings → Registration. IMPORTANT: If you use this option and do not insert a login form on the selected page, you will get locked out of your site.

That's it! Just a few minutes and you've moved your WordPress login form away from the generic WordPress login page, to a fully customized page that reflects the brand identity you work so hard to build.

Add a WordPress reset password page

The option to reset passwords is a must-have on any website that requires user login. But it is incredibly easy to set up your custom reset password page.

  1. Create a new page and title it 'Reset Password'. Insert the following shortcode on the page:
  2. Then, update the shortcode for your login form to include the lost password link:
    [frm-login show_lost_password="1"]
  3. Finally, go to Formidable → Global Settings → Registration. In the Global Pages section, map the Reset Password Page option to the Reset Password page you just created.

Create a frontend WordPress profile page

Allow users to edit their profiles in two ways.

Both methods are covered in our user registration documentation.

Share your custom WordPress login page

We would love to see your custom WordPress login page that you created with the best WordPress form builder plugin. If you're particularly proud of your design, why not submit it to our community showcase?