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An Inside Look at How InsideView Changed Marketing Automation Platforms

An Inside Look at How InsideView Changed Marketing Automation Platforms

InsideView helps sales and marketing teams better target and engage with opportunities. They’ve built their reputation on providing the most accurate market targeting data and insights, and they have one of the industry’s most successful CMOs, Tracy Eiler, leading the charge to grow and expand their own markets.

Demand for more data, more insights, and more accurate targeting from their marketing automation platform was steep. Yet they struggled to put their marketing expertise to work because they lived with a marketing automation platform that was complex, cumbersome, and frustrating to use.

A Frustrating Status Quo

Before Pardot, InsideView used a marketing automation platform that commanded huge market share but lacked innovative and modern usability features — making even trivial tasks unmanageably complex and slowing down data synchronization. They were also slow and unreliable with customer support.

“We’d hesitate on experimenting, and that’s not the way we like to operate at InsideView.” – Kevin Downing, Senior Marketing Operations Manager at InsideView

For InsideView, the need to create and execute highly-targeted and successful campaigns isn’t only a growth imperative, it is the essence of their business. Without insights, and the tools to put them to work, InsideView risked having ineffective marketing and undermining their own message.

A Seamless Transition

InsideView wasn’t actively looking to switch marketing automation platforms. Major transitions like that can be expensive and demanding, and often with underwhelming results. After a phone call and a few meetings, however, it quickly became apparent that Pardot could meet InsideView’s marketing and technical needs.

“This move seemed daunting and risky at the outset, but that couldn’t have been further from the reality. We felt in very good hands with Pardot the entire time, and the performance we’re seeing daily proves that it was worth it.” – Tracy Eiler, Chief Marketing Officer at InsideView

Now, living happily ever after with Pardot, InsideView’s marketing team works faster and does more. Best of all, the team has traded in frustration for confidence in their marketing automation platform. Read the full story.