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Introducing the New Pardot Product Announcement Schedule

Introducing the New Pardot Product Announcement Schedule

As our customers know, Pardot is constantly evolving. We’ve released dozens of new products and features every year since we started out, and we’re not showing any signs of slowing down. There are lots of exciting future developments coming to Pardot… so many, in fact, that we’ve decided to change the way we announce them.

That’s right — Pardot has a new product announcement schedule. What is it, you ask? To create better experiences for our customers and employees alike, it’s very simple: There will now be 6 annual Pardot product announcements, each around the same time every year.

Look out for 2 product announcements each spring, summer, and winter.

Pardot will now announce new features and enhancements every other month, including the 3 seasonal Salesforce major releases plus in 3 additional Pardot releases. Best of all, you’ll be able to follow along and enable these new features right from the release notes.

Why are we making this change? We’re confident that this newly consistent announcement calendar will make it easier than ever to keep track of new Pardot features and products throughout the year.

Throughout the next year, here’s when you can expect to learn more about our latest and greatest product announcements:

  • December 2018
  • February 2019
  • April 2019
  • June 2019
  • August 2019
  • October 2019

Get your coworkers ready for the new announcement schedule.

The Pardot December 2018 release will be available by December 19th, and will include these notable updates:

  • Changes to the Salesforce Lightning Design System
  • The ability to Send Engage Email from Salesforce Campaign & Opportunity Records
  • A new view in the Sent Emails Table under the All Automated Emails View to easily review emails sent via Engagement Studio, Automation Rules, or Completion Action
  • Improved blocking of non-human email security scanner interactions, for more accurate email metrics

For more details, check out the Pardot Release Notes.

We’re excited to keep building new features into Pardot regularly, while streamlining the launch process — and our newly simplified product announcement calendar allows us to do just that!