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Email Part 2: The Role of Email in Lifecycle Marketing

Email Part 2: The Role of Email in Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing is a four-phase framework designed to help businesses find more of the right customers through digital marketing.

Stage 1: Attract
Attract visitors to your website by providing relevant content that helps them to define their problem.

Stage 2: Convert
Convert visitors to leads by explaining potential solutions to the problem that they have defined. Capture information about your lead through free give aways and contact forms.

Stage 3: Close
Close the deal by helping them choose the right solution to their problem through information and offers. Use e-mail automation to keep in touch.

Stage 4: Delight
Delight your customer with service and content. Happy customers will promote your business to others. Make this easy for them by sharing interesting content and personalised offers on a regular basis.

Inbound Marketing Funnel

Email in Lifecycle Marketing

Email is an important tool in lifecycle marketing at the close and delight stages (it’s not used at the attract and convert stages as you haven’t captured an e-mail address from your visitor yet).

Close: using email to turn leads into customers.

Transactional Email
Transactional emails are sometimes called “triggered” emails because they are triggered by something a user does (usually submitting a web form or visiting a particular page on a website). Examples include a receipt after purchase, a shipping notification, an opt-in email for subscription to a mailing list or an e-mail containing a download that the user requested through a web form.

Reduce Friction
Make it easy for leads to decide what to do next using emails with a clear call to action. For example, if a visitor has added items to their basket but not checked out, follow up with an email.

Need to arrange a call with a lead? Send them an e-mail with a link where they can easily schedule the meeting without lots of back and forth. I’d recommend using Calendly for this.

Time Limited / Special Offers
Time limited special offers are a great way to convert a lead into a paying customer and e-mail is a good way to get the message to them. Some companies also offer access to their products and services on a time-limited basis. For example, there are short windows of registration for most of Storybrand’s events.

Recap Meetings
Use e-mail to follow up meetings and phone calls with your leads. Remember to identify what the next steps will be and include a clear call to action if appropriate.

Case Studies
Case studies and testimonials are powerful social proof. Consider sending leads a relevant case study or customer testimonial if you need to prove your credentials and experience. This is particularly effective when you’re selling something that’s expensive or difficult to compare or understand.

Stay in Touch
Email is a great way to keep in touch with your leads. Share relevant, helpful blog posts, industry round-ups and case studies that will help them whilst also positioning yourself as an expert. When the time comes to make a purchase, you will be top of mind.

Delight: using email to delight your customers:

Say Thank You
It sounds obvious but customers really appreciate a simple thank you. I bought a car from the amazing Mitchell Group and, on collection, received a bunch of flowers (which went down really well with my fiancé who had just let me spend a fortune on a shiny new car!).

Email is a very scalable, easy to automate, way to say thanks.

Customers like to give their feedback and feedback is valuable to you. Send customers a quick survey or just ask them to respond with any feedback on their purchase. This will give you a chance to wow unhappy customers with your customer service or gather some great new testimonials and case studies.

Get the most from their purchase
Help your customers get the most from their purchase. Consider emailing customers with tutorials, stories of how previous customers have used the product, maintenance reminders or software update reminders.

Evernote send a great series of five on boarding emails to help customers get the most out the app by offering free training on the most important features..

Access additional products and services
Most products or services have add-ons or a complementary product or service.

Did a customer just buy a tablet from you? They might appreciate a special offer on covers.

Did a customer just buy health insurance? Can you offer them life insurance for a very small additional monthly premium?

Discounts & Offers
Can you offer your customers (and perhaps their family and friends) a discount or special offer that’s highly relevant to them.

Maybe you sell beauty products online and you know that customers that buy a particular moisturiser are likely to enjoy using a particular face wash. Consider offering them a free sample of the face wash. They’ll love the free sample and, if you are targeting the right people, you will probably get some orders for the face wash too!

Exclusive Access
People spend a fortune to get a credit card that’s a certain colour. Exclusivity is a powerful tactic because people like to have access to something that is limited or restricted to those with wealth.

Companies that start VIP clubs or restricted areas on their website give members special benefits like:

  • Priority access to new products
  • Priority shipping
  • Special discounts
  • The chance to be first

Examples include Amazon Prime and Zappos VIP Club.

Referral Schemes & Reward Programmes
Can you offer customers a special offer or discount if they refer a friend? Can you offer their friend something special too?

Referral schemes are a great way to reward your customers and get new ones. For example, I bought a car and referred a friend to the dealership. I was given a small referral fee that I could choose to keep or donate to charity.

The Starbucks rewards program delivers good news all the time. There’s nothing not to like about emails with the subject line “You’ve got a free drink waiting” every time you earn another 12 stars.

Renewal Reminders
If you’re anything like me, remembering your mum’s birthday isn’t always easy!

I ordered flowers from Scilly Flowers for my mum one year. 11 months later I received an e-mail from them reminding me that my mum’s birthday was coming up and asking if I wanted to order some flowers again this year.

This delighted me because:

  • I haven’t forgotten my mum’s birthday since because I get an annual reminder.
  • It’s super easy for me to click a button and order flowers again this year.
  • My mum loves the flowers!

Got a Question?

This is the second in a series of posts about e-mail marketing. If you have a questions, let me know below and I’ll do my best to answer it in a follow up post.