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5 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks That Will Help You Double Your Business Overnight

5 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks That Will Help You Double Your Business Overnight

LinkedIn is like the nerdy kid on the social media playground.

It’s not quite up there with the “cool” kids like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but if you know how to take advantage of it, LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful tool for your marketing.

Despite what most people think, LinkedIn is not just for job searches and professional networking.

With some simple hacks, you can use LinkedIn to put your business in the fast lane, expanding your reach, engaging with your audience, and growing your revenue simultaneously.

But how in the world do you get started with this?

Well, that’s what I am here to show you.


1. Use LinkedIn to find targeted customers

When it comes to targeting, LinkedIn is unrivaled in the digital marketing world.

With LinkedIn’s targeting systems, you can hone in on exactly the type of customer you want.

Whether you are wanting to work with a small or big business, a CEO or CFO, LinkedIn gives you the tools that you need to find the perfect customers within your niche.



Skeptical? I sure as heck was...

That is, until I saw businesses in every vertical crushing it on LinkedIn. Case in point, ecommerce fulfillment provider Floship raised more than $1 million after rapidly scaling their LinkedIn outreach process to global postal service companies.

No matter the vertical, there’s a good chance you can find and connect with your customers on LinkedIn.

2. Use LinkedIn to grow your email marketing list

One of the most important assets of any online business is their email list.

If you have a great list comprised of thousands of loyal customers who enjoy reading your newsletters and want to buy your products, you’re golden.

However, if your email marketing is stagnant, your business will suffer. Luckily, LinkedIn is a great way to grow your email list quickly and naturally.

Create a well crafted letter thanking people for connecting with you on LinkedIn and asking them if they would be willing to join your email newsletter.

First, make sure that you personalize each messages.

LinkedIn allows you to send up to 50 messages per day. Get the full value of each by hyper-personalizing the message with comments about your prospects job, location, and recent achievements.

Next, make sure that you are clear in your value proposition.

What are they getting in return for giving you their email?

A free eBook? A free video course? Access to otherwise restricted content on your site?

Give them a good reason to subscribe and then make sure that you clearly include the link to your email subscription page in the body of the message.

Depending on the size of your LinkedIn following, you could easily generate an extra 100-500 email subscribers in the next 2 hours!

Case in point: entrepreneur Mat Newton generated nearly 150 emails per day for his business without spending a dime on ads or InMail.

3. Get active in groups related to your business

Another great way to increase your visibility and boost the success of your LinkedIn marketing efforts is to start getting involved in LinkedIn groups related to your business.

This tactic is great for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it gives you a chance to see what your target demographic is saying.

You get a front row seat to listen to their needs and wants and can use this information to refine your product and connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Additionally, by presenting yourself as an expert within the group, you will be able to build up some authority as an influencer in your niche.

With authority, you’ll be able to take advantage of one of the best parts of Groups: the ability to message people you aren’t connected with.

This allows you to reach out to potential clients without having to pay for InMail.

Your downside is low (saving money) and upside is nearly unlimited.

It’s a win-win.

4. Keep your company page fresh

A big mistake I see many marketers making is that their LinkedIn company page is either out of date or incongruent with the rest of their brand.

You need to make sure that you keep your company page as fresh as possible.

Make updates on a (minimum) weekly basis to keep your brand appearing active and engaged.

Case in point: here’s a list of great LinkedIn pages for B2B marketers, which regularly engage group members with fresh content and comments.

Also, make sure that the visuals and imagery of your LinkedIn profile match the rest of your company.

For example, if your website and Facebook have a red/blue color palate, don’t go setting up your LinkedIn page with an orange/green palate.

5. Post High Quality Content.

Groundbreaking, I know.

But you would be surprised how many people use LinkedIn without ever truly offering any value on the platform.

If you want your company to be relevant on LinkedIn, then you need to regularly post high quality content that people want to read.

Solve real problems for people.

Write 3,000+ word guides that you could give away for free and then promote it on your LinkedIn account.

This will rapidly increase your following, your number of potential leads, and your authority within your niche.


LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for connecting with other professionals and growing your business at the same time.

If you use the steps I have detailed above, you will be able to efficiently and quickly grow your business through LinkedIn and won’t have to spend a fortune doing it.

What is your favorite marketing hack for growing your business through LinkedIn?