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Social Media VA

Social Media VA

Do you know that 57% of modern day consumers say that their buying decisions are influenced by social media? This means that your mere presence on social media can allow you to beat your competition by almost 60%.

The undeniable impact of social media on any scale and nature of the business is irrefutable. The thing is, there are still so many business owners out there that are yet to set foot in this marketing avenue. Do you see yourself in this same basket?

Your reason could be that, you do not have the time to learn the ropes. It can also be that you feel like your social media learning curve is too steep. It can be that hiring someone to do social media for you is too expensive. Your reason could be any or all of these.

Luckily, 20four7va is at your service. Since the beginning of the company, we have not only been helping clients with their eCommerce needs as we, with our highly skilled social media virtual assistants, have also helped our clients gain the traction their business needs that only social media can offer.

Our social media virtual assistants can help you with the following day-to-day tasks:

  1. Social media account setup & maintenance – to ensure that your profile is always in its best form.
  2. Social media postings – for your audience to have fresh content from your brand every single day.
  3. Advanced content writing – because the text part of your updates needs to be engaging.
  4. Basic to intermediate graphic design – for bespoke & well-thought image posts
  5. Customer care via social inboxes – to make sure that customer inquiries sent to you will be attended to right off.
  6. Social interactions – to make your audience feel and know that you are not just a business but a brand that loves to listen and engage with them.
  7. Ad setup & management – to keep your ads adhere to standards while they actually help you achieve your promotional goals

Now we understand that you or your virtual assistant may need a lift at some point, we have that covered for you! We have a VA support team as well as specialists from our very own digital marketing department that will help you and your VA out.

What are you waiting for? Drop us a line today and let us get you started!