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Email Marketing For Coaches

Email Marketing For Coaches

If you don’t have an email list and an opt-in box on your website, you’re losing potential profit. How are you going to keep in touch with potential clients and market to them if you aren’t collecting emails through a proper system? How are potential clients going to remember who you are if you are not placing yourself in front of them regularly and educating them about how you can help them?

Due to CANSPAM and CASL anti-spam laws, you need to be careful that people have given their consent for you to send promotional and educational emails (whether solo email blasts or an e-zine/newsletter). Used properly, email marketing systems will help keep you out of trouble with double opt-ins (subscription confirmation emails) and spam checks.

A few of these systems are ActiveCampaignAWeber, iContact, Constant Contact, MailChimp, 1ShoppingCart (and private labels), and Infusionsoft.

As a technical virtual assistant, I can help you whether you are just getting started in email marketing and need everything set up, or whether you need someone to step in and take this time-consuming task off your hands. I am comfortable in using any email marketing system and working with HTML to make adjustments when necessary. If you need a customized package that is not available below, email your requirements to and I’ll give you a quote!

Email Marketing/Newsletter Starter Package – $600

This is everything you need to get yourself set up to collect email addresses of your ideal clients from your website by offering them your irresistible free gift, and then send monthly, twice monthly or weekly newsletters to keep them informed and educated.

  • Email campaign set up to collect email addresses on your website (email marketing system of your choice)
  • Set up custom opt-in box on your website for IFO (irresistible free offer)
  • Set up landing page on your website for IFO to send people to directly or from Facebook ads
  • Thank you page set up for after opting in for free gift
  • Autoresponder delivery set up for free gift
  • Set up custom newsletter template
  • 20-minute strategy session at week #3 to discuss how we will implement and proceed with a newsletter campaign and email marketing strategy moving forward.

Newsletter Management – $125-500/month

Have your newsletter broadcast to your list on a regular schedule (monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly) so you can keep in front of your clients and potential clients, educating them and reminding them of how you can help them. The basic package includes proofreading and minor editing of content (provided by you), organizing and putting together the newsletter in any email marketing system of your choice, adding images (provided by you or from your stock image account), thorough testing for display and formatting issues in different email browsers (eg. Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail), and tracking newsletter statistics. Pricing also depends on general length and complexity of newsletter (simple email or video email, compared to longer newsletter with multiple sections that need to be modified and updated, etc.).

Add-On Services Available:
  • Article added to blog with image, proofreading, and search engine optimization. Add $50.
  • Feature article written for you (you provide desired topic, any points you want included, call to action, etc.) – Add $40 per newsletter broadcast.
  • Social media content creation (tweets/Facebook status updates – min. 5 per article) – Add $20 per newsletter broadcast.
  • All of the above add-on services – Add $100.

Custom Newsletter Template – Mobile Responsive

  • Depends on email marketing system. If it has a good template builder that creates mobile responsive templates, the builder will be used to create the template. Otherwise, a custom HTML template can be designed. Pricing estimate will reflect the option needed (as an HTML template will take much more time and testing), as well as the complexity desired for the template (multiple sections, etc.).
  • Colors to match your brand
  • You provide logo/header and photo of yourself (if desired). If no header is available, a simple one may be created.
  • Divider graphics created, depending on layout desired
  • Testing in various email browsers (if it’s an HTML template rather than a native platform builder)