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MailerLite delivers only the best Email Marketing features. You can easily create great looking email newsletters, manage subscribers, track your results and much more

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Stay connected with your client base is a given. Social media marketing is an excellent way to connect with with clients but don’t underestimate the power of a maintaining a healthy email list. In fact, the two are connected. Use can use social media marketing to convert followers to new email subscribers.


Keep your subscribers engaged and interested by consistently delivering a well crafted message into their inbox. Stay on top of their minds and increase your number of marketing ‘touches’. Show them that you care by continuing to build the relationship. Connect with not just to sell them stuff or on certain holidays but throughout the entire year. Gain a client or raving fan for life!

We are open to working with new programs or tools but most familiar with MailChimp and iContact (ConvertKit coming soon!). Listed below are services we provide to clients. Pricing begins at $1oo.

  • Establish and Set up Accounts
  • Create Lists and Segmentation
  • Create Email Campaigns and Newsletter
  • Create a Newsletter Template
  • Format Autoresponder or Email Automation