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Are you looking for help with your Email Marketing and Newsletters?

Are you looking for help with your Email Marketing and Newsletters?

Well... you have come to the right place!

Email Marketing Support is our #1 requested, and performed, service in our last 8 years in business.

Why? Simple, business owners know they need to use email marketing, but it is time-consuming, confusing and complicated.

Not for Virtual Assistants... we are experts in using a variety of email marketing systems. And it takes us waaaay less time than it does most business owners. I once ran into a woman who spent 4 days a month getting her newsletter out. 4 days!

That is NO WAY for a business owner to work... leave the marketing tasks to the experts like us and instead spend your time on revenue generating tasks.

We offer stand alone Email Marketing Support Packages at two levels. The one right for you depends on how often you want to send out a newsletter.

The best part of our Packages?  They also include taking those newsletter articles and formatting them and publishing on your blog and creating social media content to share them online. After all... you need to market yourself too if you want anyone to see and read the information!

Newsletters, Blogs and some Social Media - it's a win-win! Read the details... and contact Kathy if you want to book a free consult to discuss the best option for you.

We also offer full level virtual support packages that include content marketing along with social media marketing and maintenance.  We can always create a custom support package perfect for your business and your budget!

Email Marketing Support Services

Bronze Package

  • 1 Newsletter Issue (2 articles)
  • 2 Blogs
  • 1 Linked In Post
  • 8 Social Media Updates

Silver Package

  • 2 Newsletter Issue (4 articles)
  • 4 Blogs
  • 2 Linked In Post
  • 16 Social Media Updates