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Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

Do you need a hand with your email marketing campaigns? Whether you are short on time or simply prefer to leave the task to an experienced professional, an Email Marketing Virtual Assistant from Virtalent could be just the person you need. From sending out Mailchimp newsletters to working to increase your click through rates, they have it covered. Plus, monthly plans with Virtalent start at just £250 per month so the support is very affordable!

It can be tricky to understand and fully leverage the power of email marketing without the necessary experience. A suitable VA will cover everything from writing a great newsletter that converts to building a complex autoresponder campaign to engage with your audience over a longer period of time. The beauty of an autoresponder is that once you set it up, you can often leave it running indefinitely and only need to revisit it to make small tweaks or changes!

VA Email Marketing & Management

Email Marketing Virtual Assistant by VirtalentAccording to McKinsey, “email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.” and the Direct Marketing Association have proven that email has a far higher conversion rate than any other online marketing channel. Are you missing out on what is a very lucrative marketing channel for many businesses?

Not only does email marketing cost very little to produce but your marketing messages go directly into the inbox of your audience, a place where they feel safe and free from the distractions of more traditional marketing (e.g. display advertising). It is quite a sacred place!

Spam isn’t the way to do email marketing, however. Your Email Marketing Virtual Assistant will advise you that it is far more effective to take the time and put in the required effort to build up a list of subscribers who have actually asked to be emailed. Someone who has opted-in to hear from you is ready and waiting to read what you have to send to them, so is already far more engaged than someone seeing your marketing messages without actually asking to do so. Over time a well-maintained (and respected) email marketing list can reap rewards.

“The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.”

Tom Fishburne

Virtual Assistant Email Management

Virtual Assistant email managementBut why hire an Email Marketing Virtual Assistant from Virtalent?

Firstly, all of our VAs are handpicked from a rigorous selection process. This includes a background check by Onfido, 2 interviews (one video-based and one with a Director at Virtalent), rigorous online assessment and mock exercises which test the understanding of the VA. We also make sure that anyone applying to work as an Email Marketing Virtual Assistant has plenty of demonstrable experience, bags of creativity and a proactive, positive attitude to the task at hand.

Plus, all of them are native English speakers working in the UK. That means you don’t have to contend with language barriers or time zone differences and can instead focus on working together to produce some exciting results.

Our pricing plans start from just £250 per month, so not only is hiring an experienced Email Marketing Virtual Assistant a convenient way to free up your to-do list but it is affordable too!