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Email marketing Services

Email marketing Services

Email marketing services are over powering the old style of emailing customers and prospective clients individually for the purpose of branding and marketing. Before, companies practice direct mail to reach to as much market and spends lots of money for the campaign materials like advertising circulars, coupon envelopes, catalogs, pre-approved credit cards, applications, and other commercial merchandising materials delivered to homes and businesses through postal mail.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is directly marketing a marketable message to customers and to people using email. It is more commonly used to send ads, request business, marketing campaigns and it is meant to build loyalty, trust or brand awareness.

Since the time technology has taken the business world promoting, educating, growing and managing businesses and companies, entrepreneurs are taking all the possible resources with ease including email-marketing services. Most of these services offer email campaign by just adding names to a database, customizing an easy-to-use template for effective emails. In addition, these email marketing services are constantly upgrading their services to equal with the competition and sell their products as well.

Some tools for email marketing:

  • iContact – features include: Message builder toolbar for easy email campaign creation, message coder for custom HTML email creation, social sharing buttons in email, Publishing to Twitter and Facebook. Free 30-day trial
  • Mail Chimp – key features: “Forever Free Plan” (up to 2,000 subscribers, 12,000 emails per month), customizable email lists and forms, integration with Facebook, Chimpadeedoo iPad app.
  • Get Response – features include: email creator, multiple email templates and limitless editing options, landing page creator, social sharing, email intelligence, one click list booster, form builder, inbox preview. Free 30- day trial.
  • Active Campaign – easily design custom emails that match your branding and goals, ActiveCampaign with the goal of simplifying email marketing while at the same time improving your email marketing effectiveness, Comprehensive reporting and analytics are provided to help you analyze your subscribers and your campaigns, social media and email marketing. Free account up to 250 subscribers.
  • Constant contact – Its key email marketing features include: “One-click” editing, over 400 customizable email templates, free personal coaching, along with phone, email and live chat support, connectivity with your social media outposts. Free 60-day trial.
  • AWeber – features include: email newsletters, manage subscribers, with more than 150 email templates to choose from, email marketing tracker, subscriber segmenting, auto responder follow up, RSS to email, email marketing API. It integrates with WordPress, PayPal, Eventbrite and a few others. It allows you to quickly segment your lists by subscriber opens or clicks, location, and even what pages subscribers visited on your website.

Using email as your marketing tool ensures you of audience, always keep you in touch with your customers and business partners, building strong customer service and relationship and most of all, you are sending your message and your brand.

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