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Email marketing: FREE 60 000 emails/month!

Email marketing: FREE 60 000 emails/month!

Hey everyone, today we have really exciting news for you! You are probably wondering what it’s all about… Well, what if I told you that from today on, you could save a bunch of money on email marketing? Yes, that’s right. Keep reading to find out how!

Free email marketing with MoonMail

Yes, free email marketing exists, and you can get it with MoonMail starting TODAY! 

MoonMail just launched Amazon SES Email Marketing which allows you to send up to 60,000 emails/month for FREE. No additional charges are applied! In addition to this, you can have an unlimited amount of recipient lists. You can also send an unlimited number of campaigns and create as many templates as you wish by using the simple drag and drop template builder tool. Thus, MoonMail is the key to having a superior email marketing system.

Sound interesting? I’m sure it does! All you need to do is prepare yourself to succeed with your new email marketing strategy!

What is MoonMail?

MoonMail is the largest and most reliable email marketing tool with computational distributed architecture, which gives it the capability to reach millions of inboxes worldwide daily at light speed. MoonMail is using serverless technology to send email marketing campaigns with Amazon SES. We’re aiming to make email marketing easier, cheaper, and more profitable than it has ever been before.

MoonMail: A Fast and Infinitely Scalable Tool

MoonMail is fully Cloud operated with extremely fast performance and infinite scalability. With MoonMail, you won’t need to wait hours to send your campaign. Send it and see the results instantly! You’ll be able to see the amount of clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, complaints and much more!

MoonMail: Super Easy Email Marketing Tool

MoonMail is all about user experience. Within just a few minutes you can create a template with the built-in drag and drop tool, create the recipients list by uploading the csv file and send the campaign. In addition to this, you have a highly responsive MoonMail support team which is always ready to help you and answer any questions which you may have.

MoonMail: Cheap and Profitable Email Marketing tool

You as a MoonMail user can send up to 60,000 emails/month for free, or in other words, 2,000 emails/day for FREE and enjoy the sales from your promotional campaigns. No additional charges will be applied, so you don’t need to worry about any hidden fees. Need to send more than 2,000 emails per day? Upgrade to the MoonMail Amazon SES Email Marketing paid plan to keep sending up to 2,000 email/day for free, pay a fixed amount of $9.99 usd/month plus $0.29 for each additional 1,000 emails sent. The low pricing allows for ABC testing of promotional campaigns and enables you to maximize your profits in email marketing.

Are you finding yourself fascinated by MoonMail? Ready to transfer your email marketing to the hands of MoonMail team?