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The Daily Limit to Send Emails

The Daily Limit to Send Emails

Like all email service providers, enforces a daily limit on the number of emails you can send per day. But, unlike the other providers, varies this limit depending on your account type & status. This blog article is about understanding the daily email send limit – which is essentially important for those that want to send an email to a mailing list, through

First of all it is important to differentiate between using an email account (like and using the email interface to handle other email accounts (like sending & receiving emails through the web interface, for

Daily Limit to Send Emails for Email Addresses

If you created an email address and you want to send mass emails through it, you have to know that Microsoft / manages your daily send limit depending on your reputation. Your reputation is determined using the following factors:
– how old is your account (if the account is less than 30 days old, you have a stricter daily send limit and you can’t really send many emails per day);
– how often do you access your account (if you use it daily, it seems your reputation builds faster – at least according to this Microsoft article);
– how well do you comply with the MSN / Code of Conduct;
– your email account being verified or not (you can get your account verified here – you have to login to your account to access the verification page).

300 emails per day – daily send limit for verified email accounts

Microsoft doesn’t offer any method to actually see your exact reputation, but – if the above conditions are met – you will be allowed to send maximum 300 emails per day (and no more than 100 recipients per message), through your email account.

It doesn’t really sound much, but it’s close enough to the Google Gmail limit of 500 recipients per day, considering that a 300 or 500 daily limit is anyway a serious barrier for a solid mailing list.

How Can You Increase Your Daily Send Limit

Basically, you have two options to increase your daily send limit:
1. You can upgrade your account to a paid subscription (here is the signup page). Although Microsoft does NOT clearly state how much it will increase your daily email send limit, they do advertise that your daily limit will be increased.
2. You can use a mass email software (like Easy Mail Merge for Outlook) that allows you to schedule mass emails over periods of time, so you can bypass such daily email limitations by splitting your outgoing emails in chunks that don’t exceed the daily email send limit.

Please note that, if you are actually looking to forward emails between accounts, lets you define automatic forward rules – messages forwarded through such rules are NOT counted in your daily email send limit! Daily Send Limit for 3rt Party Email Accounts

If you added your existing email account(s) to an profile, the email daily send limit does not depend on, but on the SMTP server provider of your actual email account provider. So you have to check with your mail server provider (usually your web site hosting provider or your web mail provider for free email accounts like Yahoo Mail) about their daily limit to send emails.

For example, if you add a @Gmail account to your mailbox, your daily max email limit will be 500 (the limit enforced by Gmail) and not 300 (the daily send limit for email addresses