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Wild Apricot Launches Mobile App for Members on Android and iOS

Wild Apricot Launches Mobile App for Members on Android and iOS

Many of the organizations we work with tell us that keeping their members engaged is one of the biggest challenges they face. With people spending more time on mobile, one solution can be to meet them there and bring your organization to their mobile screens. That’s why we created the Wild Apricot for Members App.

We recently launched the Wild Apricot for Members App on Android, so now whether your members use iOS or Android they can view their profile, contact other members, register for events, and much more. Read on to find out how the app can benefit your organization, how to use its features, and answers to frequently asked questions.


In this post, you’ll learn:


Short on time? You’ll find a three-step guide to starting out with the member app in this infographic.


Let’s get started!

Introducing the Member App

There are two Wild Apricot apps you can download: the Wild Apricot for Admins App and the Wild Apricot for Members App.

With the app for admins, account administrators can manage tasks like updating events and accepting payments from members.

Using the app for members, your constituents can view and sign up for events, view their profile and view your member directory.

The member app can be used by any organization that has a paid Wild Apricot account, and once you’ve activated the app, any of your members can access it.

With the app, your members can:

  • View all upcoming events and register for them.

  • Find all their registrations in one place.

    • Add events to their device calendar.

    • Pay any outstanding balance of registration fees.

  • Explore the member directory and get in touch with their fellow members.

  • View and edit their member profile.

  • Open their membership card.

  • Open the organization website and automatically log into it.

6 Ideas for Ways to Use the Member App

Benefits infographic

How to Use the Member App on Android

Click here for more information on using the app on iOS.

Activating the Member App for Your Organization

Before your members can start using the app, you'll need to enable it in your Wild Apricot account. It takes less than 10 seconds!

  • In your Wild Apricot account, click on Settings, and then Mobile App.

  • Check the box next to Enable mobile app.

  • Select which members and events you want to be visible.

  • Click Save Settings. And that’s it!


Selecting What Information is Visible in the App

When you check the box to Enable member app, you will also be shown options to Show member directory and to Show events calendar.



Member Directory

If you check the box to Show member directory, you can choose which types of members to show in the directory.

If you have bundle membership levels, you can choose to show just bundle administrators in your member directory and not bundle members.


Using the radio buttons, you can choose to show one of the following options:

  • All active members.

  • Members drawn from one of your saved searches.

  • Members who belong to specific membership levels. Selecting this option will let you choose from a list of all your membership levels. 

Members who have set their profiles to private within their privacy settings will not appear, regardless of your settings.

Events Calendar

If you check the box to Show events calendar, you can choose the kinds of events you want to show on the calendar.


Using the radio buttons you can choose to show:

  • All public events.

  • Public events with specific event tags. Selecting this option will let you choose from a list of all your event tags.

Using the Member Directory

  • Unless you have disabled it within your mobile app settings, members can view your member directory by tapping Members from the main menu.

  • Scroll through the directory and tap on a member’s name to display their profile (subject to their privacy settings).

  • The information you see here will depend on the information you have about members in your database. Most commonly this will include first name, last name, email address and phone number. Find out more about editing your common fields here.

Member app screenshot - profile


  • To email a member, tap on their email address in their profile. This will open up your device’s email app, where you can write and send your message.

  • To call a member, tap on their phone number in their profile. This will start a phone call to this number.


Viewing Event Registrations

  • Members can view their existing event registrations by tapping Tickets within the main menu.

Member app screenshot - tickets

  • Tapping one of the registrations within the list will display the event registration details.

  • Tapping the Add to calendar button on the Event registration details screen will create an event in your device’s calendar.

  • If the event registration fee is not fully paid, members can tap the Pay button to pay the fee online (if your organization has online payments set up).

Member app - event registration


How to Let Your Members Know About the App

Most organizations find that the best way to start their members using the app is to send them an email letting them know how to download it. You can include the links below, which will take them directly to download the app.


You could also include this QR code. Many smart phones allow you to scan QR codes using your camera app. When your members scan this code, it will take them to install the app via their device’s app store.

Once you’ve enabled the app, anyone who visits your website from an iOS device will see a banner like this, suggesting they install the app.

App install banner


Who can use the member app?

The Wild Apricot for Members app is available to all paid accounts. Once you’ve activated the app for your organization, any of your members can then log in using the same username and password they use to access your Wild Apricot site.


Can you brand the app?

It is currently not possible to customize the Wild Apricot app for your brand. The app will show data and events from your Wild Apricot account, but the colors and layout will remain standard. If you would like the option to brand the app, you can vote for this feature on the Wishlist Forum.


Can the app show events with multiple sessions?

Yes. If an event has multiple sessions, the Event details screen will show the number of sessions available. Tap the View all sessions button to see details of the other sessions.