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List of Top Email Marketing Software Companies of 2018

List of Top Email Marketing Software Companies of 2018

Have you ever spent a large sum of money on a product only to find out that it does not live up to its promises? It’s sorely disappointing when you realize that your purchase was not worth what you paid for. You can chalk it up to deceptive advertising, but more often, it has something to do with the reliability of the product manufacturer. The same could be said about email marketing platform providers.

In this article we listed the top solutions in the email marketing space, which will help you get the feel of the market. We also looked into the vendors, not just their products, as an important purchasing factor.

Top 20 Email Marketing Software Companies

What are the top 20 email marketing software companies?

  1. HubSpot Marketing
  2. Wix ShoutOut
  3. Exponea
  4. dotmailer
  5. Marketo
  6. ActiveCampaign
  7. iContact Pro
  8. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  9. MailChimp
  10. AWeber
  11. Constant Contact
  12. Salesforce Email Studio
  13. Mailgun
  14. ConvertKit
  15. ActiveTrail
  16. Elastic Email
  17. Benchmark
  18. Pepipost
  19. Bullmailer
  20. MailOptin

Email marketing rakes in an ROI of $40 for every $1 you spend on it, making it one of the most crucial investments you can make for your business. If you get access to quality email management platforms, it could do wonders for your business operations. However, not all email marketing solutions are created equal. To tell apart which platforms are more reliable, be sure to get to know the company that created it.

In this article, we have compiled a list of email marketing software companies that have stood out from their competitors. The firms mentioned below were chosen carefully based on the quality of their products, their expertise, the way they conduct their operations, as well as their email marketing software rankings.

If you are still wondering whether or not you should invest in an emailing platform, consider checking out our article on the benefits of email marketing platforms to learn more about how it can be of service to your business.

Choosing an Email Marketing Platform Provider

Before we discuss our list of email marketing software companies, let us first go through what you should look for when choosing a provider. Knowing the background of your prospective software providers gives you a great insight regarding what to expect when you partner with them. Among the steps you should take to do this are:

  1. Review Their Reputation – A company’s reputation can help you figure out how successful they are in delivering their products to their customers. The best way to do check this is by reading their customers’ reviews. Most companies provide positive testimonials of their products on their official website, but if you want unfiltered insights regarding their performance, you can opt to check software review sites.
  2. Analyze Their Specializations – Not all email management systems are tailor-made for a specific industry; however, there are software providers out there who might have expertise similar to yours. Having a good grasp of a software provider’s technical skills may help you gauge if they have the specialization to assist you with your operations.
  3. Evaluate Their Product – In a study published in the Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods (EJBRM), majority of respondents agreed that the final decision of acquiring software must be based on good evaluation results. Of course, in order to do this, looking at software specs isn’t enough. For a much accurate evaluation, it is best to take advantage of the free trials or demonstrations that these companies provide.
  4. Check Their Customer Support’s Efficiency – No matter how good a product may be, it is inevitable for you to encounter certain difficulties while using it. This is why it’s important to check the efficiency of your prospective provider’s technical support services. By doing this, you will be able to tell how reliable the company will be in assisting you in implementing their system.

Top 20 Email Marketing Software Companies of 2018

1. HubSpot Marketing

A leading software provided trusted by over 41,500 customers across the globe, HubSpot offers advanced systems to help you grow traffic and increase conversions. They are well-known for their HubSpot Marketing software that is equipped with best-in-class lead management, analytics, and email marketing tools. 

This intuitive platform is designed to personalize marketing  campaigns as well as optimize targeting efforts to improve the impact of your strategies. Accessible on all types of mobile and desktop devices, it can help you with your content management, social media monitoring, and email management efforts. The vendor offers a great free trial plan for those who’d like to try out the key features of the product first. You can easily sign up for HubSpot Marketing free trial here.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies
HubSpot Marketing won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

Why Choose HubSpot Marketing?

  1. Marketing Automation With a Personal Touch. HubSpot Marketing believes that having an empathetic, human, and personable approach to business is the key to success. This is why they make it a point to create efficient marketing automation that clients can add a personal touch to. This gives the users the flexibility to interact with their target market however they want.
  2. Solid Culture Code. Office culture contributes greatly to the performance of employees and the output they create. This is why HubSpot Marketing pays great attention to cultivating a positive work environment that values diversity and knowledge sharing. By doing so, they are able to hone the skills of their staff and refine the products that they provide to their customers.
  3. Managed by Industry Experts. HubSpot Marketing is managed by tech-savvy entrepreneurs and reputable industry leaders. With their dedication to the craft and extensive experience, they are able to produce best-in-class products and provide reliable service to their clients.

2. Wix ShoutOut

Wix is a global company founded in 2006 by Israeli developers Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan. Best known for their freemium hosted website builder, this company also offers Wix ShoutOut. This is a cloud-hosted marketing email and newsletter builder built for small to medium-sized businesses.

It is equipped with email customization, contact management, social media sharing, and statistics tools to help users streamline campaigns effortlessly. If you want to try the features at no cost you can easily do so when you sign up for a Wix Shoutout free trial here.

Why Choose Wix ShoutOut?

  1. Advanced yet Easy-to-Use Technology. While Wix offers advanced technological solutions for businesses, they do their best to keep complex processes behind the curtain. This shortens the learning time for each software and allows their clients to enjoy a hassle-free user experience, making it ideal for marketers who are not tech-savvy.
  2. Serves Millions of Users Globally. Wix has over 110 million customers in 190 countries. This goes to show that they have extensive experience on dealing with customers. With this said, you can be confident knowing that their team of engineers can expertly assist you with your concerns.
  3. Diverse Employees. Wix has more than 1800 skilled and passionate employees at their disposal. Having offices in Israel, the United States, Lithuania, Germany, Brazil, and Ukraine, they leverage their diversity to create innovative approaches to web development, customer support, and email marketing.

3. Exponea

Consisting of over 170 people, Exponea develops software solutions for survey management, analytics and reporting, and email marketing. This company aims to help their clients become more globally competitive by providing them with cloud-hosted platforms that blend analytics and engagement automation. They also integrate their platforms with artificial intelligence systems and make sure that their products are well-integrated and mobile-responsive to customers a better user experience.

The best way to evaluate the features is for you to try them. You can easily sign up for a Exponea free trial here.

Why Choose Exponea?

  1. Stellar Certifications. As the first GDPR-certified company in the world, Exponea makes it a point to apply strict risk management measures to ensure your safety. They also have four ISO certifications for data management, security information management, cloud services, and protection of personal data in cloud for your peace of mind.
  2. Experienced Management Team. Trusted by reputable companies like Missguided,, medichecks, and Sygic, Exponea has a strong team of professionals with backgrounds in technology and business. With their expertise, you can be confident that you are in good hands.
  3. Award-Winning Software Solutions. Since its establishment, Exponea has become one of the most trusted names in the field of AI-enabled marketing automation and data analytics. They have been recognized by various independent organizations for the quality of their products and services.

4. Dotmailer

Established in 1999, dotmailer is a company offering data-driven marketing tools for companies in different industries worldwide. They have 200 employees in three continents working to satisfy the needs of over 70,000 customers. dotmailer is known for their email management solutions which feature onboarding, marketing, training, and campaign management tools. Their platforms can also be easily integrated with third-party applications for easier modifications.

The vendor offers an attractive free trial plan. Simply sign up for a PRODUCT free trial here.

Why Choose dotmailer?

  1. Global Office Network. Having access to technical support at all times is important in keeping your operations up and running. With offices in the UK, USA, and Australia, dotmailer can assist their international clients no matter the time zone. This way, you won’t have to worry about dealing with technical difficulties for long periods of time.
  2. United Workforce. While dotmailer has marketers and developers in different parts of the world, they are united by one goal. They aim to make their platform the best it can be for their customers. With this said, you can ensure that every purchase you make from their company is worthwhile.
  3. Trusted by Leading Brands. Companies of different sizes trust dotmailer for providing top-of-the-line marketing automation solutions. They have worked with brands such as Vizio, Converse, Elemis, Hornby, and Fred Perry to name a few.

5. Marketo

Marketo was established by Phil Fernandez and his fellow marketers in 2006. They made it their mission to help other professionals in the industry to engage their customers efficiently but personably. Marketo is well-known for providing a comprehensive marketing platform that can easily grow with your enterprise. It is built with best-in-class tools for email marketing, inbound marketing, budgeting, and consumer engagement.

Why Choose Marketo?

  1. Created by Marketers for Marketers. The people behind Marketo have experience in the marketing industry, so you can be sure that they understand the difficulties of the process. They use this knowledge to develop solutions that simplify your marketing operations.
  2. Great Company Values. Marketo operates with these core values in mind: Customer Passion, Results First, Speak the Truth, One Team, and Aspire to be Great. This is what allows them to deliver unparalleled products and services that suit your business.
  3. Reliable Customer Service. Marketo values the insights of their customers. They make it a point to listen closely to their concerns and suggestions. By doing so, they are able to fine-tune their software solutions continually to give you the best possible user experience.

6. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a Chicago-based tech startup that initially focused on creating contact management tools for business owners. With solutions for marketing automation and CRM and sales automation, they also offer a comprehensive email marketing management system. This software offers tools for email designing, scheduling, and segmentation as well as features for newsletter building and SMS marketing.

Why Choose ActiveCampaign?

  1. Offers Simple Marketing Solutions. While ActiveCampaign creates advanced software, they do their best to keep it simple and easy-to-use. This way, any marketer can utilize their platform regardless of how adept they are at using computers.
  2. Complete Customer Support. ActiveCampaign is hands-on with their clients. They don’t just sell software solutions; they make sure that you will be able to use it to its maximum potential. This is why they offer 24/7 technical support, customer trainings, as well as provide a resource portal.
  3. Collaborative Community. Software solutions may be used to serve different purposes. Some companies may use it more creatively than others. To make sure you are getting the most value for your money, ActiveCampaign created a forum where customers can collaborate with each other on how to use their platform.

7. iContact Pro

iContact is a software provider catering to small and medium businesses worldwide. Established in 2003, they have since offered best-in-class email marketing software solutions that are scalable to serve the needs of different professionals. They have a business solution called iContact Pro that offers advanced marketing automation. It is built not only for powerful email marketing, content management, and social monitoring, it also provides in-depth reporting and CRM capabilities.

Why Choose iContact Pro?

  1. Serves Various Industries. iContact offers their services not only to marketers but also to nonprofit organizations, real estate firms, finance companies, tourism agencies, educational institutions, and other companies. With this said, you can be sure that they have expert email marketing solutions for you, no matter what industry you may be in.
  2. Award-Winning Company. Awards may not be the sole measure of success, but it says a lot about a company and the quality of their products. In the case of iContact, they have been recognized by the Triangle Business Journal, Blogging Pro, and other reputable organizations for their work.
  3. Backed by an Industry Leader. iContact is a company under Cision, a global media intelligence firm. With this major conglomerate by their side, they are able to create industry leading software solutions that not only optimize email marketing efforts, but also work seamlessly with various other platforms that Cision offers.

8. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Established in 1999, Salesforce is one of the pioneers of cloud-based CRM software development. They create ways to push the economy forward using data-driven technology that is easy-to-use yet powerful enough to handle various kinds if marketing concerns. They offer plenty of software solutions. One of which is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This platform is a marketing system with robust features for web personalization, predictive intelligence, and email marketing among others.

Why Choose Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

  1. Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction. Salesforce puts great emphasis on helping their clients succeed. To help your business reach greater heights, they make sure that they are providing the best possible platforms for your operations by listening closely to your concerns.
  2. Good Company Values. Trust, growth, innovation, and equality are what makes Salesforce different from its competitors. These core values are what drives them to move forward with their goals, create good products and services, and ensure overall customer satisfaction.
  3. Highly Awarded Company. Salesforce has received various recognitions over the years. They landed in Fortune’s list of World’s Most Admired Companies from 2013 to 2017 as well as in Forbes’ list of Most Innovative Companies in the World  from 2011-2016. With these on their belt, you can rest assured that they offer no less than quality products.

9. MailChimp

MailChimp is a privately-owned, founder-led company dedicated to creating great email marketing platforms. Starting as a side project funded by different web development jobs, this company is know one of the leading software providers of today for small businesses and large companies alike. They offer a platform equipped with email delivery systems, A/B testing tools, and email automation options to help you accelerate and improve your emailing campaigns.

Why Choose MailChimp?

  1. Nurturing Office Culture. Committed to diversity and inclusion, MailChimp keeps their employees motivated and inspired by maintaining a positive office culture. They encourage collaboration and promote a learning environment within their office. This way, they can continue to innovate together to bring you better email marketing products.
  2. Invests in their Employees. State-of-the-art software solutions are created by brilliant minds, not state-of-the-art machinery. This is why MailChimp makes it a point to invest not only on research and customer support, but also in their employees. They provide them with opportunities for career growth as well as avenues to learn to serve their customers better.
  3. Admirable CSR Initiatives. MailChimp partners with nonprofit organizations to fight poverty, promote the arts, foster equity, and advocate for considerate urbanism. This way, you know that your money is being put into good use. Among their partners are Literacy Action, Living Walls, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and MARTA.

10. AWeber

Founded by Tom Kulzer in 1998, AWeber is an email marketing platform provider serving thousands of independent entrepreneurs and small businesses. They offer a comprehensive cloud-hosted platform for hardcore email marketers. With this system, they can get access to autoresponders, email deliverability tools, subscriber management features, as well as analytics solutions. It can also be integrated with platforms like Cyfe, Drupal, WordPress, and Unbounce for easier campaign management.

Why Choose AWeber?

  1. Providing Great User Experiences. Email marketing is a crucial strategy for businesses, but it can get complicated.  This is why AWeber does their best to help you create email marketing strategies that your target audience all while keeping the process fuss-free. This way, you can enjoy a remarkable user experience every time you utilize their platform.
  2. Delivers Results. The success of a software lies in your ROI. This is why the experts working at AWeber are passionate about delivering tangible results. They not only make sure that they create quality solutions, but also help you maximize it for your business.
  3. Values Feedback. For AWeber, there is always room for improvement. To help them continuously refine their products and services, they make it a point to take your feedback to heart. It is through your insights that they create ways to improve what they do.

11. Constant Contact

Previously known as Roving Software, Constant Contact was founded in 1995 in an attic in Brookline, Massachusetts. Since their establishment, they have helped over 650,000 customers using their software solutions. They offer an email marketing platform that also handles contact management, tracking and reporting, automation, as well as events registration. Ideal for small businesses and startups, this cloud-hosted system is accessible on all mobile and desktop devices.

Why Choose Constant Contact?

  1. Reliable Customer Support. Constant Contact offers a wide range of products for email marketing social campaigns and the like. To help you get the most out of these software, Constant Contact offers coaching and support operations. This includes online chat, email, local classes, seminars, and other face-to-face learning activities.
  2. Committed to Helping Small Businesses. Constant Contact was created to empower small businesses and nonprofit organizations to succeed. They do this by offering simple yet powerful tools that scale with them as their company grows.
  3. Trusted Name in the Industry. With their 97% deliverability rate, Constant Contact has become one of the most trusted names in email marketing platforms. For over two decades, they have delivered unparalleled email marketing solutions to thousands of clients across 180 countries.

12. Salesforce Email Studio

As mentioned previously, Salesforce is leading software provider offering tools for sales, customer support, eCommerce, CRM, marketing, and other aspects of business management. Apart from their marketing cloud application, this company also offers a platform that is built exclusively for email marketing. They call it Salesforce Email Studio.It is a cloud-based system that offers best-in-class segmentation tools, filtering options, email customization features, as well as scheduling solutions.

Why Choose Salesforce Email Studio?

  1. Specialized Software Solutions. Salesforce offers specialized solutions for the different processes of your business. Meaning, if you prefer using only one software for multiple aspects of your operation, you can simply invest in a complete suite from this company. From email marketing to sales management, they will surely have options for you.
  2. Closely Coordinates With Customers. Salesforce is not just a software provider for its clients. They also serve as reliable companions on their road to success. They closely coordinate with their clients so that they can provide them bespoke solutions to their CRM, eCommerce, and marketing needs.
  3. Constantly Finds Ways to Improve. Salesforce makes it a point to continuously improve their products and services. They do their best to pursue innovative ideas that might be able to change their company as well as the industry. This way, they are able to keep their software solutions the best they can be for their customers.

13. Mailgun

Mailgun Technologies, Inc. is a software provider focused primarily on creating email service solutions for developers. They offer powerful APIs that can help you manage your email marketing campaign from the moment you program your process to the moment you measure its progress. Their platform, Mailgun, is a cloud-based service that allows users to send, receive, and track email without hassle. Equipped with inbound routing and storage as well as email validation tools, this software solution will help you in optimizing the way you manage your emails.

Why Choose Mailgun?

  1. Offers Simple Yet Intelligent Solutions. Mailgun was created not only to accelerate and optimize your email management process; it also aims to simplify it. This is why they offer powerful yet easy-to-use tools that both professionals and novice users will appreciate.
  2. Technical Support You Can Trust. Do you want to ensure that you are getting the most out of the email platform you invested in? At Mailgun, providing you with the technical assistance you require is a top priority. Their customer support team even boasts a 99% happiness rating to prove it.
  3. Trusted by Software Development Teams. Mailgun is the preferred email service platform of many smart software development teams, so you can rest easy about the quality of their software solutions. Among those that utilize this for their operations are trusted names such as GitHub, Shopify, Lyft, Slack, and Reddit.

14. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an independent company mainly serving creators such as bloggers, authors, painters, musicians, designers, freelancers, and other professionals who earn living via the internet. They offer a cloud-based email marketing automation and lead generation platform built to lighten their day-to-day workload. This is equipped with email building, scheduling, and custom segmentation tools as well as landing page design options.

Why Choose ConvertKit?

  1. Genuinely Concerned About Customers. The ConvertKit team create software solutions not just to sell them. They have a genuine desire to help independent creators who need affordable yet comprehensive tools to do their work and improve their craft.
  2. Personable Service. If you are looking for a software provider that offers quality products as well as top-notch service, ConvertKit is an ideal option. They only have 35 team members, but they leverage their small number to provide personable service to their clients.
  3. 100% Independent. ConvertKit is a 100% independent firm. They are adamant against going public or selling their company to larger conglomerates because these factors might make it difficult for them to pursue their vision. On top of that, they don’t have investors to answer to, making it easier for them to fulfill their customers’ demands.  

15. ActiveTrail

An email service provider, ActiveTrail started out as a side project of the RealCommerce Group. They have since grown into a leading marketing automation company with offices in the USA, Israel, Germany, France, and Latin America. The software system that they offer is an email and SMS marketing automation software suite designed to help businesses run campaigns across different channels. It was built to handle predictive delivery, A/B testing, contact management, behavioral triggers, as well as real-time analytics.

Why Choose ActiveTrail?

  1. Caters to All Businesses. ActiveTrail creates specialized email service solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes. Be it large corporations to small startups, this company has experience with catering to their needs. That said, you can be sure that they have something for you no matter what your business may be.
  2. Superior Deliverability Rates. Sending emails is only one part of the email marketing process. You also have to make sure that your clients receive them. This is why ActiveTrail maintains close ties with internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide. With them, you will never worry about your email ending up in the spam folder.
  3. All-in-One Marketing Solution. While ActiveTrail’s expertise lies in email management, they also offer an array of other marketing solutions. This way, you won’t have to look elsewhere to find tools for your campaigns.

16. Elastic Email

Founded by Joshua Perina and Michal Bochnak in 2010, Elastic Email is a company serving thousands of customers across 180 countries. They offer an all-in-one email delivery solution with robust HTTP API, SMTP relay, and a comprehensive user-friendly interface. It is designed to help with managing contacts, campaigns, and delivering email. Moreover, it can support private IP addresses, run detailed activity reports, and manage triggered emails, making it ideal for those who prefer having advanced emailing capabilities at their disposal.

Why Choose Elastic Email?

  1. Ultra-Fast Global Infrastructure. Elastic Email guarantees better deliverability, faster emailing, and more efficient tracking using their platform. With professionals working in North America and Europe, they were able to equip their system with best-in-class tools for email marketing and protected by top-of-the-line security features for your peace of mind.
  2. Socially Responsible Company. Other than being committed to creating comprehensive emailing platforms, Elastic Email is also passionate about saving trees. They created their software in an effort to reduce the amount of paper use in offices. In addition, they donate a considerable percentage of their profits to nonprofits who protect old growth forests globally.
  3. Team of Passionate Professionals. Elastic Email only hires skilled professionals who are passionate about helping businesses manage their emails seamlessly. This company also makes it a point to provide opportunities for self-development so they may further hone their skills and use it to serve their customers better.   

17. Benchmark

Benchmark is the brainchild of Curt and Denise Keller. They offer a permission-based email marketing service with cutting-edge features that streamline the emailing process. Offering integrated, automated, and robust features, this system is up-to-date on marketing trends. This is what allows it to help users engage subscribers, branch out into different social networks, as well as improve email deliverability rates.

Why Choose Benchmark?

  1. World-Class Support. Benchmark understands the need for familiarity, especially when it comes to customer support. This is why they make it a point to have native speakers ready to assist you with your concerns. They even have offices in 15 countries across the globe with local employees ready to accommodate you.
  2. Partnered With Reputable Organizations. To ensure that you are getting the best possible emailing service, Benchmark partners with reputable companies across the globe. Among their partners are Google, Zendesk, Rackspace, and AT&T.
  3. Understands How Business Works. The founders of Benchmark understands the difficulties of having a business–from launching it to making it thrive. With this knowledge and expertise in software development, they are able to find ways to help their fellow entrepreneurs grow their companies.

18. Pepipost

Pepipost is a company established in 2015 to help developers and businesses make transactional emails more efficient. Dedicated to keeping a clean email ecosystem through good sender practices, this company offers an innovative email system to streamline your campaigns. This software solution is equipped with SMTP APIs, security features, subuser management tools, bounce notifications, real-time reporting options, and a handful of other intuitive features.

Why Choose Pepipost?

  1. Makes Communication Affordable. Communicating with your target market should not be expensive. This is why Pepipost came up with a pricing model that prompts its users to pay only for emails that are unopened by customers, making it a significantly affordable option compared to its competitors.
  2. Offers 24/7 Live Chat Support. Pepipost is the only email service provider that offers 24/7 live developer chat support. This makes their platform ideal for entrepreneurs who want technical assistance available whenever they need it.
  3. Dedicated to Optimizing Your Operations. Pepipost is one of the most preferred ESPs of developers worldwide. This is because they understand what they need and the kinds of tools they will require to optimize their operations.

19. Bullmailer

Built primarily for freelancers and small businesses, Bullmailer is a cost-effective email marketing solution. It comes equipped with all the essential tools to boost the visibility of one’s brand as well as their products and services. It has audience segmentation, email automation, email segmentation, drag-and-drop email builders, custom workflows, subscriber management, advanced geo and action-based reports and much more.

With its powerful automation capability, users are able to target their customers at the opportune moment and empower them to make a purchase. Triggers can also be set, leaving Bullmailer to do most of the the heavy lifting for your email marketing campaigns. Users can also take advantage of its insightful custom reports to gain a clear knowledge of customer behavior.

Why Choose Bullmailer?

  1. Easy subscriber management. Categorize all your leads into multiple demographics for easier management of your subscriber lists.
  2. Advanced automation. Create custom workflows and set triggers for automated sending of emails at the opportune time.
  3. Detailed reporting. Effectively gauge the performance of marketing campaigns through KPIs and metrics that display how clients engaged with your materials.

20. MailOptin

MailOptin is a company trusted by businesses of all sizes for their emailing optimization concerns. They are known for their email marketing automation plug-in for WordPress sites. The system provides lead generation, customer acquisition, and email management features that enable users to engage customers through targeted marketing.

Why Choose MailOptin?

  1. Well-Known Partners. MailOptin works with a handful of industry leaders to make their platform the best that it can be. This allows their customers to enjoy a more seamless, fuss-free user experience. Among the companies they have partnered with over the years are Cloudways, ProfilePress, WP Buffs, ImageRecycle, and OceanWP.
  2. Offers Great Supplementary Tools. MailOptin may have been designed their software for WordPress but it can also be easily integrated with other email marketing platforms. Meaning, you can use it as a supplementary tool to reinforce your existing email service system, CRM platforms, eCommerce programs, and other software.
  3. Creates Highly Scalable Products. MailOptin’s email service plug-in is a powerful yet user-friendly platform that can easily scale with you as your business grows. They are even priced in such a way that makes it affordable for startup companies as well as large corporations.


Choosing an email marketing software provider is similar to finding a business partner. You need to make sure that you select one that you can count on–not only to provide you with good products but also to help you make your company thrive. To ensure that you have a dependable email marketing platform company by your side, you have to make it a point to get to know them before you make a purchase.

Hopefully, with our list of email marketing software companies, you were able to kickstart your research on your prospective providers. If you are looking for a marketing software of a more general nature, feel free to take a look at our article on the top marketing automation software solutions of 2018.