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40 Free Responsive HTML5 Business Templates for Startups 2018

40 Free Responsive HTML5 Business Templates for Startups 2018

A small business needs a professional digital outlet to process customer needs and deliver the impeccable business experience. Digital is the place to be if you’re planning to connect with customers from all over the world, instead of limiting yourself to a single city or a country. In early 2000’s the web wasn’t yet so developed, and business websites were rather simple; a little bit of business information, and contact details on how to get in touch. These days however, the web is a powerful stronghold where business can be concluded directly from a mobile device, without having to move from your couch. And for this kind of diversity, a business website needs to have great and dynamic features, but also a design that can compliment those capabilities.

Unfortunately hiring a web designer is still an expensive task, in particular, if you’re looking for highly custom work, you could be looking at a price range of $10,000 to $50,000 for a professional design, which isn’t something that’s easily accessible to those without a starting capital. But in the last couple of years, many designers and freelancers have taken it upon themselves to produce free themes and templates that can be used to start your website in a few hours, versus having to wait for weeks to work with a custom design freelancer. With the rapid evolution of different web frameworks and tools, getting a professional and responsive website for your small business is easier than ever.

Colorlib already covers some fantastic theme roundups in this field, yet we feel that to expand on this market of free HTML5 templates truly, we’ve to go deeper and create content that resonates with each niche individually, and today that niche is going to be small business website templates. These following templates are works of art that have taken designers countless hours of hard work to reproduce what we understand as a small business outlook for a digital outlet. All themes — apart from a few at the bottom — are available for a free download instantly, and are mostly complimented with a documentation folder to give you a headstart on how to make these templates work for your business needs.

All in all, it’s a diverse roundup that covers many different categories of small businesses, and with a little bit of patience and tinkering, you can customize each of the templates to fit your small business needs perfectly.