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How Bloggers Can Effectively Use Email Marketing

How Bloggers Can Effectively Use Email Marketing

How email marketing benefits bloggers

Reach readers at any time

These days, it seems like everyone has notifications turned on for their email; some have it for job-related emails, promotions, or so they can read the latest blog post from their favorite blogger (this is where you, the blogger, comes in). 

Email is the fastest way to reach your audience. While social media is also effective, your followers might miss your posts in their feed, and if they do see your posts, chances are it won’t be right away. Social media is cluttered, but when it comes to email, you know that your subscribers will get your message right then and there.

Attract new readers

Email marketing is a great tool for those trying to build a following. Many sites offer free deals, or lead magnets, in exchange for signing up on their email list. For example, a cooking site may offer a free e-book filled with healthy recipes and to receive it, readers only have to opt-in by providing their email address. As this example shows, it’s a great way to obtain new readers and generate interest in your blog. 

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Increase reader loyalty

Emails allow your readers to connect with you on a personal level while staying in the know when it comes to all of your new updates, blog posts, and events. Email marketing will notify your subscribers of these things and the more in the know they are, the easier it is for them to keep up with your blog.

The benefits of using a professional email tool

Control when you send email newsletters 

When it comes to blogging, consistency is key. This applies not only to your posting schedule but also to your promotion schedule. Having a professional email tool like Infusionsoft will help to establish consistency with your readers and connect with them without costing you too much time and labor. You can build and schedule your emails in that tool, so they automatically send at the perfect time. You can A/B test your emails and times in order to get the best open rates.

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Personalize emails

There is so much you can do with a professional email tool. While automating emails is convenient for your, subscribers want to feel like emails are written just for them. By personalizing each email with “Hey [name],” for example, it gives the illusion that you’re talking directly to them. This allows you to connect with readers on a more personal level, which can lead to brand loyalty later on down the road. You can also segment your email list in order to personalize even more. If you have a blog post that speaks to 30-40-year-old females in the medical field, you can segment your list to target those specific readers.

Schedule follow-up emails

In the email marketing world, it’s so important to follow up with your subscribers after they interact with your site in some way, such as by making a purchase or downloading a free e-book. Just sending them a thank you will go a long way, and it adds a personal touch that your subscribers will love. Plus, you can utilize follow-up emails to promote other blog posts, services, or products that you offer. The follow-up email is the perfect opportunity to cross-sell or upsell. For example, if your blog focuses on professional coaching services, you could offer a free resource on acing an interview, then upsell your readers on a resume writing course.

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Overall, email marketing is definitely an area worth investing in for bloggers. Whether you’re a blogger with an established following or are new to the game, email marketing can do wonders for your brand.