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10 Must-Ask Interview Questions for Sales and Marketing

10 Must-Ask Interview Questions for Sales and Marketing

When summer comes to a close those that recently graduated are starting to look for work. The good thing about these graduates searching for a job is they are allowing the companies they apply with the opportunity to bulk their team up with young blood.

As companies begin getting bombarded with resumes, HR departments  start combining through each one and matching them with open positions. Once they pull the best resumes out of the pile next comes the time to start the interview process.

Whether talking to the candidates in person or via skype, you need to be ready and prepared. By asking these following marketing interview questions, you can feel prepared and confident that you will weed out the weak from the strong.

Listen Close to Their 30-Second Elevator Pitch

So, you ask, what is the “30-second pitch?”? Well, picture this; You are in an elevator with the top dog of the company that will be soon be interviewing you. For some reason, you decide to start a conversation with this person during this moment to get a slither of their time.

What do you reply back to the potential candidate when you are well aware that your limited time is around 30 seconds?

“Being the interviewer, you should have already gone over the candidates resume and have a vivid understanding of their experience. With the opportunity to put the candidate on the spot, bring out your creative side and create a hypothetical scenario.” says Betty Johnson from PhoenixNAP Hosting.

The scenario is forcing them to be able to think fast on their toes. So, let your creative side shine and loosen up during the first few moments of their interview. What this is is a fantastic tool meant to replace the “So, what can you tell me about yourself?”

It also is a perfect time to have them sum up their experience in a comfortable manner, and, it adds some type of fun to the conversation. So, are there any direct bonuses from this taking place? Yes!

The bonus is the candidate will without realizing it will bring up the most important details about themselves. Usually, these are the bright points of their qualifications that they want you to know. That is also the best way you can see how they see themselves in a workplace as well as what they deem is important.

Why Choose Marketing?

There are times while in a conversation asking the simplest of questions can offer a lot about an individual during an interview.

By questioning the individual on why they are interested in pursuing a career in marketing will provide you with useful insight. You will find out how they see the industry and if they have done their homework about the job role.

The majority of the entry-level applicants will say something like “I am excited that there are so many levels of marketing with so much you can do.” Which makes much sense, because the individual does not understand exactly the type of marketing he or she is interested in just yet.

What they are looking for is something to fall in their lap that will expose them to some insight to everything as they try to figure out what drives them. Bonus points will be if he or she has a clear understanding of the job description.

Why Choose Our Company?

Recent grads looking for entry-level jobs are usually trying to get their foot in the door with a company that is related to their degree. He or she will see your job listing on the internet that provides hundreds of job listings to choose just like yours.

Example: “What three criteria will you be looking for in selecting your next company?” by Darryl Dioso, Managing Partner, Resource Management Solutions Group.

Applicants with more experience are usually searching for something that sounds a bit better than the position they have at other companies. He or she is looking to make a change and knows the qualities to look for in an organization.

One way to start is by asking yourself these questions. Do they know and understand your product or service? Did they do some research to get a better understanding? Do they know who the company CEO is or the management team? You will find a lot right here on what candidate is already preparing for the position.

The Social Media Questions

It is no secret that kids and young adults live on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and all the other apps that make it possible to spend an entire day learning unimportant stuff. A lot of recent graduates have this fantasy that having a marketing job means they can play on the internet for eight hours per day.

Here is your moment where you can catch them a little by surprise by asking what type of social media do they have experience in and what kind of changes would they consider?

What Marketing Platforms Do You Have Experience With?

The hard truth is that recent grads could name on one hand how many marketing approaches they have experience with using. Well, that is unless they scored an internship where he or she got their hands dirty. Here is also where you can find out what tools and software they are aware of and what would they recommend?

Provide he or she with the opportunity to explain how the marketing tools work and how they contribute to marketing.

What Motivates You and Makes You Feel Successful at Work?

Being successful means several things to many people. Throughout the interview process, you need to get an excellent understanding as to what it is that motivates the candidate and if you, as the manager, and the organization, can match.

Find out what it is the candidate values in a job and what it is they hope to gain from the position you are discussing. Here is where you can get a feel for what wage their expect.

Ask How The Candidate Handles Complaints

By inquiring how the candidate handles less than favorably incidents will open a door into how he or she would react with your company. The smart individual will use this time to explain a not-so-enjoyable experience where he or she helped turn a bad situation into a positive experience.

Moreover, a not so bright candidate will lay blame and bash the people involved as well as the incident. The last thing you want at your company is an employee that can’t take ownership then move positively forward.

What Resources Do You Use When You Need Ideas?

Here again is a simple way to see if they have invested in some research. Which online blogs do they favor? Are there any that influence them that they can rattle off?  A fantastic candidate will be so thrilled to answer this question that you will have to stop them from rattling their favorites.

What Do You Do For Fun Outside of Work?

One thing is for sure when it comes to people—they love to talk about their interest as well as themselves. By asking this question, you get to see a different side to the candidate. You get to look at a touch of their personality such as how relaxed and fun they can be when around co-workers.

Learning about the candidate’s hobbies and what is fun when they are away from the job tells a lot about a person.

Do You Have Questions For Me?

“It is ALWAYS vital that you give each candidate in a marketing interview enough time to ask questions. Any suitable candidate will be sure to have questions.” according to Jason Perkins, President, SD Marketing Firm.

It is effortless to get wrapped up with someone that loves to talk or because you have more in common.You do not want to get wrapped up with a great interview. Before you know it, you have run out of time without the person having the opportunity to ask questions.

When he or she asks you question or concerns, be open and honest. Potential candidates will have more respect for the company and you as its management if they feel you are giving honest answers.


Now, anyone that has a job has been on the opposite side of the desk. Instead of zooming in on a candidate’s inexperience slow down just a bit.

Take this moment to learn about their work, what they enjoy in life and what makes them feel like the perfect candidate. No one enjoys spending 30 minutes with someone that has the personality of a goldfish.

Make this moment be your stellar performance as well. Make this perfect candidate for the position with your organization want to join your team and help be a large part of why you will succeed.