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3 great questions to ask the employer in your marketing interview

3 great questions to ask the employer in your marketing interview

During the marketing interview process, it is critical that you have great questions to ask the employer to show that you did your research. A big part of your marketing job will revolve around how you prepare to talk to clients and research subjects. That is why the hiring manager will be looking to see what great questions to ask the employer you come up with for your interview.


How Do You Set Milestones For Each Marketing Program?

This is the kind of question that will show the hiring manager that you have experience in the marketing field and you care about getting results. When you are looking for great questions to ask the employer, then you need questions that ask about the company’s process and questions that monitor results.

Every company has a different way for setting milestones for marketing programs, so you will get different answers from each hiring manager. This should be a question that opens up a constructive discussion about your marketing ideas and how well you would fit in with the company.

How Do You Gather Research Data?

Some marketing companies have research partners they work with to gather data and others gather the data themselves. Either method is acceptable, so there is no wrong answer here. But if you have market data research experience, then that could expand your opportunities at this particular company.

When you are looking for good questions to ask the employer during your marketing interview, you should never push the interviewer for detailed answers. If the company uses a research partner, then the interviewer is probably going to offer very limited information to a job candidate. Use this as another question to spur conversation about your potential value to the company and hopefully open the interviewer’s eyes to your potential.

What Types Of Metrics Do You Collect?

Each marketing company collects different types of information from the projects they do and uses that information differently. The interviewer is not going to give you any details about their process, but they will talk to you about the types of data the company looks at to improve future marketing plans.

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