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5 Interview Questions for an Email-Marketing Job

5 Interview Questions for an Email-Marketing Job

Are you looking for an Email-Marketing Job ? Make sure you have done all the preparation. Besides from subject knowledge, one must also prepare some of the questions that can be asked in an interview.

 5 interview questions that a panel might ask :

  • Q1. How to calculate the deliverability rate of Emails?

    Email marketing jobs mostly focus on metrics. Thus, as a candidate, you must be aware of deliverability. It is one of the most common questions asked in an Interview.

    The rate of email deliverability is the no of emails delivered to the target customers successfully. You can also calculate this by using formula i.e. Total emails Delivered/ total emails sent.

  • Q2. Which day and time is best to send an Email?

    Many of us would get an urge to reply instantly but think because the answer is simple but tricky. Every marketer knows that the best time is the mornings and best days are weekends but as per statistics, this exact time and day are responsible for maximum unsubscribing. You can answer that every business has a different target audience so one must try to mail on different days and times to find the best one as per your market.

  • Q3. How many emails should be sent to a customer in a Month?

    While many experts say that sending one mail in a month, reminds the customer of your brand. Some also suggest that an attempt of 2-3 emails a month is also fine. It’s not approaching too much or too little. You can also reply as 4 emails a month to show a consistency in strategy but remember it should be backed by the data of unsubscribers.

  • Q4. What are the top 5 pointers in your email checklist?

This is a simple question where you can reply with the following pointers :

  • The purpose of the Email
  • Expected Response
  • Documents supporting your email should be attached
  • Precise subject line with complete message
  • Run a spam check and customize the content accordingly
  • Q5. How will you increase the number of subscribers?

    Every company wants to know what a new candidate can add to the existing. Thus to get hired successfully, you need to have an answer for this. Some of the ways to add new subscribers are good content creation, getting more shares and forward from your current subscribers, create offers or few sellouts and request email ID in exchange for offers. Collect emails ID’s from an event or a gathering to increase your database.

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