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Anyone Can Earn Followers on Facebook – Social Media

Anyone Can Earn Followers on Facebook – Social Media

As Facebook says, “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life”. Is that enough? Are we only wanted to limit our connection with our beloveds? Naahhh!



Facebook has almost 1.86 billion active users by 2016. It has become the basic channel to gain followers and fame. Now, it does not only act as a source to stay connected with lovely people, it has become a forum for business too. Now each home has Facebook user and companies are targeting these users to get more and more followers.

Big companies and businesses use the advantage of Digital Marketing Tools to get more followers and viewers. For a brief info, Digital Marketing is a set of tools that helps to promote products, brands, and services through digital devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets etc.

Digital Marketing – Social Media Marketing Course can even guide you how to create followers at business level or be a Social Media Manager.



However not even companies, our own young generation also wants to get famous and have more likes over selfies. So, I will share you basic tips that can be used by any common man to be in limelight.

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First, you need to do the basics to build your profile and add new followers:

  • Fill out your profile completely
  • Share a link to your profile via other networks and via email
  • Add your new social profile to your email signature
  • Use a high-resolution picture


One thing is must to understand that a number of followers indicate Popularity and Trust.

*  Post-Great Content: Content can be your pictures, status, posts, happening, events and much more. Content always a major role in making you popular.

So, be consistent in sharing contents.



* Write a complete Bio: One should have a complete bio in profile stating your likes and dislikes, nature, preferences, achievements, profession, interests and much more. Just be yourselves and show who you are.

*  Use hashtags: This is the best way to get your profile attention. Hashtags play a big role in attracting the specific community and make you visible.

*  Engage with others: Engage with other communities and posts. Comment and share what you feel for a particular post, share your views however in a subtle way.


*   Be creative: You need to show to the world how you are different and why they should follow you. Just spin your mind and create different ideas to look like a most happening and a living soul.

*   Follow your Interest: Follow your interests and stay engage with them. You can make your own community on the basis of interest and show the details and information regarding the same.

*    Stay active: This is the basic mantra to be in limelight. Stay active with your posts, send quick replies and be in touch to everyone. One should respect their followers as they are making you popular. Hear them out and keep an emotional touch with them.

Social Media plays a very important role in our lives to reach out our dear ones, create new ones and explore in business.