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Are you adopting these methods to make your Digital Journey Successful?

Are you adopting these methods to make your Digital Journey Successful?

Are you adopting these methods to make your Digital Journey Successful?

Digital Marketing is an emerging functionality being adopted by organizations to improve their brand value, growth and customer experience. For some companies, transforming their marketing approaches from traditional to digital has not been an easy job. However, hard work, willingness to grow and adoption of right techniques and strategies have helped them achieve upto 40% of their targets, which is calculated as a good percentage.

Certainly, these organizations would have also faced various challenges and tough times to reach at this level of transformation. Therefore, chances are that they might be missing on some important approaches which would seamlessly give a rise to their growth percentage.

Do you think as an organization founder or digital manager, are you adopting these important methods?

In addition to investment in skills and your initiative to make your vision a reality, effective communication and governance to ensure that the firm is moving in the right direction is equally important. In an iterative approach, these elements work together – constant communication and listening to re-envision and further implement new types of digital transformation.

Most of the senior executives usually drive digital transformation through an iterative three step process:

  • Envision the digital future for your firm
  • Lead the change from the top and
  • Investment in digital skills & initiatives


Envision the Digital Future

Most of the Organizations working towards digital transformation fail to capture all of the value available to them because their vision is not transformative. Remember that successful digital transformation does not occur bottom up and true value of transformation comes from seeing value across silos and then help others to see that value.

Successful digital transformation comes not only from envisioning new ways, but by taking advantage of your powerful capabilities to gain advantage through digitization. However, this requires a thoughtful diagnosis of assets that will be useful in a digitally transformed world.

Invest in Digital Skills

It is very important to understand that transformation does not happen without investment. Most of the times you might feel that the investment is too large without clear business objective. It often becomes a strategic bet that only senior executives can make. Similar to any other investment, digital transformation also requires to understand the need for investment, managing risk and making changes necessary to capitalise on the change.

Finding the right skills to manage new initiatives or change the work methods is quite a big challenge for organizations. In order to yield impeccable results, it is equally important to invest in acquiring best digital skills for your organization.

Since Digital Marketing is a new domain in the business world, finding people with right talent and skills is not as simple as it looks. We at Digiperform, train individuals on digital skills and place them in organizations searching for digital talent. In fact, to play a key role in this growth, we also offer corporate workshops to enhance the performing capabilities of your team in practically no time.
Lead the change from the top

Top level vision rarely translates to local-level action unless reinforced through top-down communication and governance. However, consistent engagement backed up with appropriate coordination, incentive and KPIs can make this difficult process an easy one.