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Internet Marketing Assistant Job Descriptio

Internet Marketing Assistant Job Descriptio

Without effective execution even the best internet strategies will struggle to achieve their goals. More that that, without someone in the team who has the been given the time to focus on these practical activities there is a danger that senior executives find themselves lost , “deep in the middle of the detail”.

Internet Marketing Assistant (Online Marketing Assistant) salary levels

So – What is the role of an Internet Marketing Assistant ?

Typically a marketing assistant will “touch” every aspect of an organization’s internet marketing as well of course general “non internet” aspects of marketing.

The role is fundamentally a mix of promoting effective internal and external communications and numerous specific duties – some of these are listed below. An internet marketing assistant salary can be worth every single $ !

Typical responsibilities of an Internet Marketing Assistant (or Internet Marketing Coordinator)

  • Working with internal and external partners to achieve successful execution of the plan
  • Social networks – updating, question answering, troubleshooting
  • Budget spend monitoring and control, fees, commissions
  • Web analytics monitoring and reporting against key metrics
  • Search engine optimization tasks – improving page content, ensuring site structure is efficient, keyword relevancy, product names and tags etc
  • Email marketing – list maintenance, segmentation, execution, monitoring, reporting.
  • Affiliation partners – administration of contracts, payment chasing, conversion monitoring and corrective actions.
  • Paid Search – budget control, key word success tracking, roi reporting
  • Data input – dependent on organizations particular needs
  • Keeping up to date with internet and marketing trends and contribute this knowledge as an integral member of the team