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10 Best Email Marketing Agencies in India

10 Best Email Marketing Agencies in India

Despite being the oldest online marketing medium, Email Marketing is still considered the most powerful medium to generate leads and ensure conversions. With the evolution of the Digital World, Email Marketing has soared as well in the recent past, and in today’s time, no one can deny the importance that Email Marketing Agencies hold in targeting leads and boosting ROI.

Below given are some of the stats that prove why the industry experts rate Email Marketing so high-

  • 86% of top business professionals use emails to communicate for business purposes
  • 59% of B2B marketers find email marketing as the most effective channel that generates revenues
  • CTRs are 47% higher for B2B Email Marketing Campaigns compared to B2C Email Marketing Campaign
  • Around 26% of SMBs polled prefer using Email Marketing for sales and 7% of them use email for brand building

By leveraging right Email Marketing Services, your business can make great profits.

Some of the common advantages of Email Marketing Agencies include Bulk Targeting, Lead Generation, and Brand Acknowledgment, Drawing in Potential Clients via personalized Email Content, Conversion, and Increase in revenues.

Thus, we thought to compile a list of best Email Marketing Agencies in India, so you can use best one to automate your email campaigns. The order given below is random and does not represent the ranking.

Let us go through the key features of 10 Best Email Marketing Agencies-

10 Best Email Marketing Agencies in India


Email Marketing Agency

  • One of the leading Email Marketing Agencies in India that provides a state-of-the-art email, SMS & web-marketing platform that helps clients to engage better with their customers in the most conversion-driven way possible
  • The working methodology based on the philosophy that via right tools, any Email Marketing Campaign can get the desired results, makes it one of the best Email marketing Agencies that offer customized Email Marketing Software solutions that fit all your needs
  • Notable reasons to use is its features like Integrated Marketing, Performance Marketing, and Permission Marketing along with Agile Marketing Technology and Expert Service
  • Via, you will get Multi-Channel Email and SMS Services, 100% Deliverability, White Labeled Service, APIs for CPM/ERP Integration, etc.
  • Other feature set includes Tools to build a Subscriber list, Only Opt-In Lists allowed, Automatic Unsubscribers, CAN-SPAM Complaints, etc.
 tie Founded In 2007
 bank Head Office New Delhi, Delhi
network-1 Company size 51-200 employees
 wrench Specialties
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • Customer Engagement
  • Leading Bulk Email Provider


handshake Clients
  • Bharti AXA
  • BOSE
  • HT Media
  • FreeCharge
  • ITC Hotels
  • NIIT
  •, etc.


2. Mail Marketer

Email Marketing Agency


  • A trusted Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing Digital Agency that 800+ Indian businesses use to channelize their email campaigns
  • As one of the top Email Marketing Agencies, Mail Marketer is quite good at sending bulk emails, special offers, newsletters, event invitations, mass email and promotions
  • You need not install the software or configure mail servers with Mail Marketer, as it allows you to choose a plan, sign up and automate your campaign
  • You can opt for this one to get Profitable Reseller Solution that lets you start your own bulk email reseller service with the flexible reseller plans of Mail Marketer
  • With Mail Marketer, you can get the plans for Any Budget and hence, if you run a business with a small list or want to send Lakhs of emails, you can get the plan that suits your budget
tie  Founded In 2008
 bank Headquartered At Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
 network-1 Company Size 11-50 employees
 wrench Specialties
  • Email Marketing Service Provider
  • Reliable email infrastructure across vendors
  • Profitable reseller & dedicated email platform
  • Offers built-in Templates
  • Helps you track and analyze Email Marketing
handshake Clients
  • TATA
  • Quick Heal
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Adventure Link, etc.


3. Mail Get Bolt

Email Marketing Agency

MailGet Bolt

  • As one of the top Email Marketing Agencies, Mail Get Bolt helps you send bulk emails and for that, No Hosting and No Complicated SMTP Setup are Required
  • You can send emails via its own SMTP, plus, it also allows you to connect with different SMTP like Amazon SES, MailGun, Mandrill, & SendGrid etc.
  • It is one of the most affordable Email Marketing Agencies and you can easily use it for creating best templates for newsletters, promotion, campaigns, etc.
  • Some of its notable features are Drag and Drop Email Builder, Autoresponders, and Drips, List Management, that help you Quickly Create emails with inbuilt email builder, Automatically deliver emails on pre-set schedule to engage your subscribers and Easily manage your subscriber’s list at one place
  • It also helps you in Importing Emails, Email List Cleaning, Email Tracking and 4X Lead Capture
tie Founded In 2009
 bank Headquartered At Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
 network-1 Company Size 11-50 employees
wrench Specialties
  • 4X Lead Capture
  • 2X Open Rate
  • Drag-Drop Email Builder
  • Email List Cleaning
  • Email Tracking
handshake Clients
  • The Guardian
  • Repair The World, etc.


4. Kenscio

Email Marketing Agency


  • Choose Kenscio to get cutting-edge Email Marketing and technology solutions that help you run Email Marketing Campaigns by enabling personalization and one-to-one communication
  • The Acquisition feature of Kenscio allows you run managed Email Marketing Campaigns that include Email Validator, Big Data Solution, and Marketing Automation
  • From real-time Email Personalization to multi-channel marketing and social media listening, Kenscio is one of the most preferred Email Marketing Agencies in India
tie Founded In 2009
 bank Headquartered At Bangalore, Karnataka
 network-1 Company Size 51-200 employees
 network-1 Specialties
  • Contact List Management
  • Managed Email Marketing
  • Real Time Email Personalization
  • Marketing Automation
  • Big Data Solution
trophy-1 Awards
  • Gold – ECHO Awards-&THEN16
  • Gold – Best Marketing Innovation 2015
  • Winner Baby Elephant (finalist)
  •  Kyoorius Advertising & Digital Awards 2015


5. Juvlon

Email Marketing Agency

  • As one of the leading Email Marketing Agencies, Juvlon helps you design Professional Looking Emails In minutes. You can opt for its easy to use editors, template gallery, personalized campaign features to make your emails conversion driven
  • Juvlon helps small and medium enterprises in India and abroad to communicate with their customers in the most effective, convenient and automated way possible
  • From Email Design and Campaign Reports to Contact List Management, Email Delivery, Marketing Automation and SMS Marketing, Juvlon offers some of the best Email Marketing Solutions
  • It lets you run permission-based Email Marketing campaigns with utmost ease, plus, it also helps in Spam Management, IP Options, Email Authentication, etc.
  • Opt for Juvlon to get result driven live reports, insights and tracking, Email Comparison and other important Email Marketing Details
tie Founded In 2005
 bank Headquartered At Pune, India
 network-1 Company Size 11-50 employees
 wrench Specialties
  • Email Design
  • Campaign Reports
  • Contact List Management
  • Email Delivery
  • Marketing Automation
  • SMS Marketing
handshake Clients
  • HSBC
  • Asian Paints
  • Dominos
  • Reliance
  • Shoppers Stop
  • HT Media
  • Penguin
  • Axis Mutual Fund, etc.


6. VibeMail

Email Marketing Agency

  • One of the most reliable Bulk Email Service Providers offer the most competitive, cost-effective email marketing plans with unbeatable bulk email delivery services
  • The company enjoys its customer base pan India along with in U.S, Canada, and Australia as well
  • VibeMail email marketing services ensure high inbox delivery and its highly affordable mass email service is dependable with high uptime and customer support
  • The IP reputation monitor and bulk email campaign segregation of VibeMail helps maintain server reputation across ISP, plus, its cloud-based mass Emailing Service ensures best service uptime
  • VibeMail helps you create, send & track bulk email campaigns thanks to its advanced features
 handshake Founded In 2010
 bank Headquartered At Mumbai
 network-1 Company Size 11-50 employees
 wrench Specialties
  • Reputed Email Servers
  • Featured Email Tool
  • Reputation Monitor
  • Built-in Templates
  • Automatic Bounce Handling
  • Real-time Reports


  • HDFC Bank
  • TATA Housing
  • Reliance
  • Insurance Institute of India, etc


7. Crux Mailer

Email Marketing Agencies

Crux Mailer

  • Choose Crux Mailer as your Email Marketing Agency to get Affordable Email Marketing Solution for Your Business. It is one of the top Email Marketing Agencies for all your bulk email marketing needs
  • Crux Mailer helps you create and store an unlimited number of email campaigns in its bulk email marketing software. With its advanced HTML editor, you can easily create HTML and Text-based emails
  • It is also very helpful for Email Tracking and Reporting. You can find out live open and click tracking reports with the help of Crux Mailer, plus, it also tells you about who opens and reads your email
  • Use Crux Mailer to know how your users are visiting your website or clicking links in your email campaign. It also helps you import data from different Excel files
tie  Founded In 2012 (Approx)
 bank Headquartered At Kerala,India
 network-1 Company Size 11-50 employees
 wrench Specialties
  • Real Time Email Tracking and Reporting
  • Email Personalization
  • Advanced HTML Editor
  • Import From Excel
handshake Clients
  • HDFC Home Loans
  • Dell
  • DLF
  • LG
  • Honda
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • SBI Life Insurance
  • Trinity Ideas for Living


8. Hems Mail

Email Marketing Agencies

Hems Mail

  • As one of the leading Email Marketing Agencies, Hems Mail lets email marketers engage with your customers more easily via its bulk Email Services
  • With Hemsmail’s SMTP Server, you can outbound your Bulk Email Server, plus, it also helps you  send out Emails to your customers and stakeholders that can also link back to your website
  • You can integrate its Bulk Emailing Service with big campaigns and can monitor click-through rates of your Emails by linking with sophisticated Email Marketing Tools
  • Hems Mail Complete Email Marketing Solutions help you with Email Design, Send Emails, Emails Tracking, Audience Targeting, etc.
  • Award and Industry Recognition that Hems Mail has got is Excellence Award 2015 in Digital Marketing By Brands Academy
tie  Founded In 2012
 bank Headquartered At Jaipur, Rajasthan
 network-1 Company Size 51-200 employees
 wrench Specialties
  • Email Marketing
  • SMTP Server
  • Email Credit Super Resellers
  • SMTP Server Reseller
handshake Clients
  • NIMS University
  • Ambuja Cement
  • LIC
  • Reliance
  • Colliers



Email Marketing Agency


  • One of the best Email Marketing Agencies that will help you convert Contacts into Buyers with the help of its 100% Managed Email Marketing
  • CYBRIDGE helps you track your visitor’s Email Opens and Clicks and other sort of activities that helps you follow up your leads at the right time and ensure conversions
  • Notable services include Personalized messages, mobile compatibility and management of the entire activity for you so that can you focus on your business
  • CYBRIDGE also helps you in tracking and analysis, volume sending and no-spam – no bounce based emailing
tie  Founded In 2006
 bank Headquartered At Pune, Maharashtra
 network-1 Company Size 2-10 Employees
 wrench Specialties
  • Email As Service
  • Personalized Messages
  • Mobile Compatible
  • No Spam – No Bounce
  • Volume Sending
  • Tracking & Analysis
handshake Clients
  • Pune University
  • TATA
  • SBI Life
  • Rambo Circus
  • Rotary Club
  • Reds Global

10. Brainpulse

Email Marketing Agency


  • Opt for Brainpulse Email Marketing services to ensure high deliver-ability for bulk email campaigns that take care of every aspect of mail broadcasting
  • Company offers managed Email Marketing that takes your email campaigns to the next level and increases the relevancy of your communications
  • You can easily choose from the customized Email marketing Plans that are specifically designed based upon your business needs
  • You can start with planning and scheduling and then can go upto Emailer designing, sending and measuring to ensure higher performance for your Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Automation and Data Mining and Email Validation are some other features that make Brainpulse to be in our list of best Email Marketing Agencies
tie  Founded In 1999
 bank Headquartered At Noida, Uttar Pradesh
 network-1 Company Size 201-500 Employees
 wrench Specialties
  • Bulk Email Marketing Plans
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Data Mining / Email Validation
  • List Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Message Scheduling
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Open And Click-through Tracking
handshake Clients
  • Intex
  • The Indian Elections
  • Ultimate Battle
  • Jeevansathi
  • Money Control

Empower Yourself to Choose Right Email Marketing Agency!

Either you are in quest of a right Email Marketing Agency or want to build an in-house Email Marketing Team, in both the cases, having an immaculate understanding of Email Marketing is crucial.

Email Marketing Course would help you to master Email Marketing that ultimately ensures leads, conversions and profits.

Want to know which one would be the right Email Marketing Agency for you then share your details in comments and our experts will guide you through the process.

Furthermore, write to if you are looking at our support in identifying right email marketing agency.