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25 Free Email Templates For Each Stage of Business 2018

25 Free Email Templates For Each Stage of Business 2018

A strong email list is the biggest asset of any website. From personal blogs to big corporate sites, everyone strives hard to get user email address. Because email is the ever youth fountains of your site, it brings regular traffic to your site. If we can strategize a proper plan we can use these emails to grow our business. We in this list have collected some of the best free email templates made with HTML, which you can use to grow your user engagement in the email.

Basically, email templates are broadly categorized into three types; newsletter, personal and promotional notifications. Most of the emails are now automated by email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Aweber and many more. In this free email templates list we have managed to collect templates for all these three categories, so make sure you check all of them.



Getting an email address alone won’t help you drive the users to your site. Users email inbox will already be clouded with a number of emails. Experts use several strategies and psychological elements to make the user open the mail and drive them to the site. The psychological part purely depends on the content and the strategy purely depends on the design of the template. In this free email templates list, we have collected the templates that have well thought out design. All you have to do is to add your engaging contents to make the user click the link.

Mangez Moi


Mangez Moi from the name itself you can identify this template is for restaurants. This email template is originally designed for the holiday special event. If you happened to read any email marketing stats, you might have seen that the text emails tend to convert well. But the text email won’t fit for niches like restaurants. It is through the image you can display your delicious foods and tempt the users. This template gives you enough space to add images and texts as well. You can share some of your best dishes and a link to the particular dish, at the bottom you have the option to add a call to action button to take the user to the site.

You have space to add your logo at the header and footer to increase your brand identity. At the footer, you also have the option to add social media profile links. Coding used to make this responsive email template is given to you directly, you can make use of them to build your own.


Black Friday


Black Friday as the name implies this template is for fashion websites and eCommerce websites. This template falls under the promotional email category. The Black Friday is a simple straightforward template, it gives you space to add image, bold text to highlight offers and a call to action button. Just like in the websites, this email template has a navigational menu option at the top to take the user to the respective category directly from the email. The HTML code used to make this responsive email is shared with you directly, in which you can do live changes and preview it.


General Email Template


With this email template, you get a general outline. The spacing between each element is given perfectly so that the template doesn’t look clumsy in small screen devices, plus the contents are also easy to read. In the header, you have a bold text and space add hero image. With this template, you can make a laser-focused email that helps the user understand the purpose without taking much of their time. Call to action buttons are placed at the right spots where it will get a better click-through rate.


Promotional Email


Promotional email is a dark theme email template. This one does not use any confined boundary, instead, it makes use of the entire page. The full page design looks elegant on the small screen devices as well. With this layout you get a really simple design, you have space to add your logo to the top and a hero image. The texts are bold and are given ample amount of spacing to make readability easier. Just above the footer section, you have a call to action button. On the clean dark background, the orange color call to action button looks elegant and also gets one attention as soon as they open the email.




Explorational is a full-page email template. With this full-page email template, you can immerse your recipient with interactive content elements. The header has a full big section with a blue color background. You also get a space reserved for adding images. Developers of this template use HTML effectively, to make this template neat and professional. This email template is also mobile responsive. Since the elements are big, interacting with those elements in small screen devices is an easy job. The only thing you need to change is the color of the call to action button. In the default design, the call to action button also uses the blue color, which doesn’t look distinctive from the background color.




Amario is an email template for travel sites. This email template is designed like a landing page, which tells about the features and has other promotional elements. The Amarion template elegantly manages both the texts and the images. Only a small bummer with this template is text spacing. In order to give you more space, at some spots the text spacing is reduced, which makes the texts look clumsy. Other than the texts, every other feature are designed perfectly. You get plenty of call to action button in this template to drive the user to your site. Both at the header and footer, you have space to add your logo, which helps your email to look like a perfectly branded one.




Sometimes it is better to leave the promotional part to your customers. Most startups and app businesses use invitation strategy to bring in new users. When a recommendation goes from a reliable person, the chances of conversion is higher than we normally get. With this beautiful neat looking small website template you can create an attractive invitation email. This template takes the current user profile pic and uses the receiver name to give a personal touch. By giving a personal touch, the chances of email open rate and click-through rate will increase. This is an image-rich email template, so make sure to prepare some engaging images before choosing this template. Like most other free email templates in this list, this one is also mobile responsive.


Real Estate


Real Estate is a long neat looking email template. This template uses only clean white background and images in its design, which make it look professional. Colored web elements are used only at the required spot to get user attention. To match the clean design of this template, line icons with medium stroke is used. On the image background, some of the texts are not readable, to avoid it the designed have used white content blocks. The white content blocks highlight important features. Before using this template you need to fix few things based on your needs, so take a complete look at it when you are implementing it for your email campaign.




Worldly is an email template for offers and promotions. With the long layout, this template gives you ample amount of space to add a list of best deals with images. Since this email template is designed for the travel agencies, you get plenty of space to add images than texts. Bright yellow color highlighter gets user attention, but at the same time, it does not look too flashy. At the footer, you have space to add contact details and other important links. This HTML template is made mobile ready, so you get a better readability in small screen devices as well.




Salted is an illustrative style email template. Use of illustrative design with the line icons is gradually increasing even in website template designing. Especially modern startups and SAAS company websites ate the one which embraces this design a lot. With neat bold texts and flat icons, this template create a professional looking minimal email template. Instead of writing all the contents, this template uses the image to say the messages in an interactive way.

The creator of this template gave us a long template, so we have more than enough space to add our contents. The call to action buttons are placed at the right spots. Since this template uses colorful flat icons, the flat call to action button will go overlooked by the user. When you are using this template, make sure to make the call to action button distinct from the rest of the design.




Ticketshop is an email website template for events ticket selling. With the pristine design of this template, the user will get a clear-cut message of your event. Highlighting elements are handled perfectly, so at a glance, the user will get the important points easily. This template gives you space to add images, texts, and partner logo. Images and text contents are treated equally in this template, so you engage your visitors interactively. The HTML code used for this template can be extracted and used for your custom development. Since the responsive works are already taken care by the creators, you can concentrate on your work.


Survey Email


Data-driven contents perform better than any other contents in the market. These content not only brings tons of traffic to your site but also helps you get a number of backlinks. To collect unique data set, the most common method is surveying. If you are having a strong email list, you can use your subscribers to make an interesting topic. This email template is designed for taking surveys. You get a neat flat design email template with neat vectors and bold texts. The email template is short and clean, helps you to focus on the content more. Just below the content, you have a 0 to 10 mark scaling, to help the user select the rating. The footer section contains the social media profile links and other useful links.


Template With Sidebar


This email template is the perfect choice for bloggers. With this template, you get a log page with hero section at the top bar and sidebar for adding promotional contents. This email template is purely designed for text contents. This template also provides you content highlighter box, to help you add important points or note. Only at the top bar, you have space for adding image or logo. A call to action button is placed at the bottom of the page.


General Marketing Template


With bold texts and neat layout, this template is surely the best marketing template. The creator of this template has mentioned the dimensions of the images in the email template. So all you have to do is to prepare the content that fits well in this email template. Since it is a marketing template you get promotional elements and highlighting elements in this email template. Call to action buttons are placed at both the top and near the bottom to increase the chance of conversion rate. Like most other free email templates in this list, this one is also mobile responsive.




Upsell is a promotional email category template. Many of the SAAS companies and other application based companies let the user get into their apps by creating a free account. But it’s a business right? At some point, you need to generate income. You can use your user email to gently ask them to upgrade the plan if they found your service really useful. By clearly mentioning the benefits of the premium programme you can convert leads into customers. This template gives you a long template with neat sectioning and light colors. With this template, you can deliver a clear message to the users. HTML code used to make this template is shared with you directly, you can use them to create your own template.


NewsLetter 2


The Newsletter 2 is from the same creators of the general marketing template mentioned above. This template is designed perfectly for the new letter, with this template you can clearly explain the story. At the top you have full-width image banner, the dimensions are marked for your reference. Since it is a newsletter template you don’t have any call to action buttons, instead only text links are alone used. This template uses the latest HTML5 framework, so if you need to add any elements you can add it easily by adding few lines of code by yourself.




Drip is one of the quite familiar templates used by many SAAS companies and startups. The design is pretty simple but has all the elements and the texts are center aligned. By placing the elements at the right spot, it easily directs the user to your site. Font selection is also awesome with this template, which makes readability a breeze in this email template. The call to action button supports hover effects. Overall the Drip template is a perfectly optimized email template, which will reduce your email preparation work greatly. All the dimensions are also marked in this template to help you prepare contents easily that fits well in this template.




It’s hard to satisfy all customers in the business. Sometimes you may be in a situation to miss a customer. You can politely ask for a second chance by giving them offer or other premium features. This email template helps you to achieve retaining your existing customer. The reignite template gives a personal touch to the customer by providing a handwritten style thank you message. Yes, the handwritten text is also a font, but it gives a human touch among other professional looking texts. Call to action button and offers are clearly updated in this email template to improve the visibility. The code used for this neat simple template is shared with you directly, all you have to do is to change content and customize the template base on your need.


My Order


My Order email template will be of great use to eCommerce websites and other online service providing websites. Since it is an information and personal message related template, this email template gives more importance to the text content. With the neat big texts, readability is great on this template. Important texts are highlighted by making them bold. At the footer, you have space to add your logo and other contact details. If you are offering order tracking services, then it would be great add call to action button to take the user directly to know the status of their order.


Welcome Template


Welcome is a common template which is used by all services and bloggers. It is nice to show the users some love and give a warm welcome. If you are a blogger and moving towards the goal of forming a community, small detailing like these will help you form a strong community. This template is clean and simple, it gives you only option to add images and texts. At the top you have space to add an image of dimension 200 x 200, ample amount of space is given between texts to make it readable. You also have the option to add social media profile links and website links at the bottom. If you are looking for a short and sweet email template, then this the perfect option for you.


Receipt Email


This email template is for auto-triggered messages. Today’s email marketing tools allow you to send automated messages based on the user activity. Automated email system helps lots of small eCommerce store owners. When you integrate your email system with your eCommerce platform, activity-based emails are triggered. This email template is designed for the receipt, in which you have space to add order details amount and track order call to action button.


Password Reset Template


Password reset is one of the automated emails triggered based on the user request. Since this is a service email to help the user achieve a task, the email template must be clean. The template must have only the required options and features. In this template, you can add contact details, but avoid using promotional contents. This template gives you a big space to add image, bold texts and full-stretched call to action button so that the user can see the contents clearly even if they are in a hurry. The footer section has regular information and unsubscribe option.


One Letter


One letter is traditional HTML email template. With bold texts and big images, this template follows a usual email template that we have seen many in our inbox. Since this design is over exploited the engagement rate on this type of email template is less. Or in other words, you can say that this template has passed its glory time. But if you want to give it a try in your email campaign, you can still use it. This template uses the latest HTML framework and is also mobile responsive.


Music Events


Music event is the best email template for event organizers and other sites when you organize an event. The default email layout is longer than usual, hence you have more than enough space to add all your event details and ticket. Another useful element in this template is the icons. Since this email template is developed for music events, the icons used are closely related to the music events. A small issue with this template is text over images. The fonts used are clean and easy to read, but when you see those texts on image background it is quite difficult to read. Important contents are highlighted properly in this template, for example, the event timing and other contact details.


Mild Skate


If you are running your own brand store, then this email template is for you. This email template falls under the category of promotional email. So obviously you will get lots of promotional elements with this template. The email template almost follows the navigation of a website like navigation option at the top, in order to take the users directly to the particular page. With this template, you also get a pricing table to show subscription options. So if you are running a campaign to promote your subscription model these elements may come in handy for you.

Since this email template is optimized for mobile devices, the users can interact with the emails easily. If you are a developer you can even use this template for commercial use. But for that, you have to buy license separately. Therefore these are some of the best free email templates you can use for your email campaign.