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Plan and Execute Relevant Campaigns with a Marketing Automation Platform

Plan and Execute Relevant Campaigns with a Marketing Automation Platform

A full-suite marketing automation platform integrates all primary marketing channels and functions you’ll use on a day-to-day basis. It eliminates the need to use a multitude of disparate systems to create and manage campaigns. The value of marketing automation is in its ability to manage campaigns, capture and analyze lead data, and calculate ROI all inside one system.

However, your campaigns will only be as good as your lists. Managing and maintaining your contact list is the foundation of your success as a marketer. You need to be consistently building and managing your lists by:

  • Removing stale contacts
  • Adding new prospects
  • Tracking positive engagements
  • Tracking unsubscribes

This can be daunting if you’re not using an automated system.

Marketing automation provides a way for you to do all this and more with your contact database. It houses all your data in one place and amends each record with real-time data. Everything from their online activity to interactions with sales, or if they’ve been converted to a customer inside your CRM – it’s all captured as it happens and updated. It also automatically removes people who unsubscribe from your messages so you don’t accidentally email them and violate anti-spam laws.

Finally, a marketing automation platform also provides built-in list segmentation. Each time you send a message or build a program, you can be as narrow or broad as your data allows. You can create list segments based on any field in your CRM database or marketing automation platform. Once you build the list once, your marketing automation platform will automatically update it with amended prospect information. This means you never have to export lists and upload them. You just build the segment once and let the system maintain it for you.

Campaign Highlights

  • Create, manage and track all marketing campaigns in one system:
    • Emails, landing pages and forms
    • Microsites and surveys
    • Events
    • SEO ranking of pages and content
    • Website traffic
    • Google Adwords
  • Leverage built-in reporting to calculate ROI on campaigns
  • Automatically push leads to sales CRM based on lead scores
  • Create a single funnel by aligning marketing and sales around common workflows
  • Maintain and amend contact records in real time
  • Track engagement and build list segments based on any field in your CRM or marketing automation platform
  • Manage message preferences and customer communications
  • Build list segments once and let them update on their own