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Email & Marketing Automation Continue to Drive Sales

Email & Marketing Automation Continue to Drive Sales

Email is still a Leading Channel in the U.S. for continuing to educate leads and turning leads into customers. In fact, without it, you are 4X less likely to close leads generated online.

Our Email & Marketing Automation Principles

  • Keep in Touch
  • Automate
  • Always Be Converting

One of the easiest and most effective tools is continuing communication with leads and customers. Sending messages focused on campaigns, products and services will keep you top of mind and sales ready. By automating transactional emails and middle sales messages you can effectively scale your campaign & sales efforts which will maximize returns and increase sales capacity. And lastly you should ALWAYS be angling to convert visitors to leads and customers.

“Talk and they will listen, ask and they will buy.”


“B2B Marketing Automation Ensures Leads are Sales Ready.”


Email & Marketing Automation Strategy & Tactics

Everything you should do as a Marketing Automation Expert, we do it.

  • Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Subject Line Testing
  • Copy Testing
  • Call to Action Testing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Analytics, Reporting & Analysis

The ROI of Email & B2B Marketing Automation

Email, Automation and Nurturing are all a response to some front end marketing effort making this channel critical to the success of all digital marketing / content marketing campaigns. The ROI is HIGH!

Leads that come in from SEO, PPC or Social Media are moved into Sales Funnels which are powered by Smart Email & Marketing Automation components.

In these sales funnels is where the triggers to convert are highest. Get them to call, get them to email back, and get them to Buy.


“Give your leads what they are looking for and they will Choose You!”


Email & Marketing Automation Should be Combined With All Channels

This is the most efficient way to create endless potential across all your marketing channels. Every message, all ad types, from all channels can have pages on your website and email nurturing campaigns created to close any lead segment on your product / service to reach your goals.

To learn more about how we approach these other channels and work them with B2B Marketing Automation check out the links below:

Keep it Simple

The ease of creating these email & marketing automation campaigns is why most businesses and agencies fail at it. It’s easy to talk about the endless possibilities available and the volume of segmentation that can be achieved. But the truth is that it can be overwhelming and when things get hard, people give up.

Keeping your efforts strategically focused will keep you moving forward. The research up front give you all of the intelligence you need to match the opportunity with your goals and create email & automation campaigns based on that insight. This formula creates Big Wins Guaranteed!