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Why Your Company Should be Using Automated Marketing

Why Your Company Should be Using Automated Marketing


Visualise your house, all clean and organised...for a brief second, before the washing basket starts to fill up again and the dishes stack higher and higher. Now imagine that instead of doing menial tasks like washing clothes and doing the dishes day in and day out, you had a cleaning wizard to do these tasks for you.

Your house is now clean and organised all the time, your daily chores are a thing of the past, and you have free time to excel in other aspects of your life. Automated marketing is this wizard for your business. It does the daily chores, so your company can be as prepared and efficient as it can be.

 Now to put our analogy to a real-life business situation…

Your marketing team invests copious amounts of hours driving visitors to your website and then even more time nurturing these visitors into leads. While your marketing team is working on this, your sales team is spending equal amounts of hours gathering, organising and pursuing those leads. This is time that could be made more efficient with the use of automated marketing.

Automated marketing processes customer segmentation, campaign management and customer data integration. It also allows for less human error and executes your daily marketing tasks in a more simple and organised way by replacing repetitive, manual drudgery with computerised solutions. 

Below we have compiled three stand out reasons why your business should utilise automated marketing. 


 1. It creates a more efficient work environment 

In today’s digital climate, marketing is all about time management. Managing multiple marketing platforms and sorting through leads manually is like taking a horse and carriage to work - outdated and inefficient. 

Automated marketing allows you to pin point your finest possible prospects, the ones most likely to convert to customers. Automated marketers can also capture customers with personalised content, constructed from their buyers’ profile and purchasing behaviour data. It is proven that companies that engage with their customers regularly will convert leads quicker and be more successful. 

So having an automated service that targets and connects with customers in real-time can drastically enhance customer engagement. 

The more specifically targeted content your leads receive, the more quality time they will want to spend on your website. This then allows your marketing team to collect valuable data that can in future help you to convert said leads into customers.

All of these processes save your marketing team valuable time by allowing these daily tasks to be done automatically.



 2. It is smart.

With the internet constantly growing and technology making leaps and bounds, automated marketing is essential to staying relevant. With Social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - as well as Google, altering their algorithm to promote the most significant content, automated marketing circulates your content in a smarter, more methodical way, to enhance your SEO ranking.

Having a higher SEO ranking means more people can successfully find your website, increasing your chance to convert visitors to customers.


3. It allows you to plan and personalise social media posts and campaigns.

Automated marketing allows you to organise, plan and schedule your social media posts and email campaigns months ahead of time. 

Automated marketing gives your company a more targeted marketing strategy by sending only relevant content to your leads, based on data from your CRM structure.

Instead of scheduling one post, message or campaign to your entire database, you can now schedule three, slightly different variations to three separate listings. Creating a more personalised and interest oriented marketing strategy.

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Automated marketing is a business wizard. It allows businesses to utilise their time more efficiently by nurturing your leads, increasing your SEO ranking and tailor making your social media posts and campaigns to the right customers.