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Benefits of social media for small businesses

Benefits of social media for small businesses

LEMOORE — Not only is social media a way for people to post about their daily lives, it is also a way for businesses to market their products and services.

Some Lemoore businesses rely on social media to promote their products in the community, advertise for other small businesses and inform people about community events.

Lemoore Chamber of Commerce CEO Jenny MacMurdo said businesses should post at least once a week on social media.

“The more you can post is obviously the better,” she said. “People have to see things more than three times before they understand and pay attention to it.”

MacMurdo said it is important for businesses to figure out who their target audience is and then go from there. For example, she said younger people tend to use Instagram and SnapChat more than Facebook.

MacMurdo said it is also important to use the same business name on all social media platforms.

"[Social media] really helps us promote our business when we do marketing,” said Ayla Tidwell, co-owner of Blue Door Massage and Spa in Lemoore.

Using primarily Facebook, Tidwell said the business posts on a daily basis on a variety of things such as monthly newsletters, specials and events.

“It’s also been able to help us network with other businesses because we are able to encourage and help each other through Facebook,” she said.

Tidwell said using Facebook has also allowed the business to book more clients by word-of-mouth.

“Word-of-mouth is really important especially with a business that runs through services like we do,” she said. “We like to keep our reputation, and Facebook allows our current clients to spread the word.”

Tidwell believes Facebook has been the most beneficial to her business because people of all ages use it.

Tidwell said an active social media page keeps her clients active and the community engaged in the business.

“They want to know what’s going on,” she said. “You can’t just have a page and expect it to take off. You actually have to use it. It can really benefit your business.”

Amanda Henry, co-founder of Mama Made in Lemoore, agrees.

“We found that the more that you post and the more consistent that you are…the more likely your target audience will see that post,” she said.

Henry said Mama Made uses Facebook and Instagram to help promote the business including each of its vendors from local photographers to crafters who use their own social media sites as well.

Prior to opening in July, Henry said social media helped when she was looking for vendors for the shop. She said Mama Made posted nearly every day to introduce the new business to Lemoore.

Now Henry said she uses social media to promote new products, special events, workshops and the vendors in her store to bring in more customers.

“Almost all of our customers have mentioned seeing our post and picture on social media one way or another,” she said.

For those who want to make a website as well, MacMurdo suggested to look at websites from businesses that are similar to their own and consult with a professional. She added that people can also contact the chamber for help.

“There are a lot of businesses specifically targeted to website building,” she said.