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Get Started: Benefits Of Social Media For Business

Get Started: Benefits Of Social Media For Business

There’s no denying that social media has become one of the most prolific and widely-used platforms of communication ever its advent over a decade ago – with over 2.4 billion users of social media worldwide in 2017, and an estimated 2.77 billion by 2019.

Whether you’re posting, tweeting, snapping and/or liking, the number of active social media users is not only rapidly growing, but forming distinct pools of consumers too. Taking advantage of this increased accessibility and virtual influence is key to building a successful, modern business, beckoning both new and returning customers to visit your business through innovative methods of online marketing, personalised advertising and data analysis.

That’s why this week we’re taking a closer look at social media: focussing on your business and its profitability within the digital world. There’s no better time to get online, get trending and get connected!


Advantageous Ads

Social Media Ads

Implementing a social media campaign into your business’ marketing strategy can be a fantastic way to advertise and promote your products/services to not only new audiences but highly relevant audiences too.

One way to get started and do your research is through the use of data analysis tools such as the keyword planner tool in Google AdWords, with which you can determine keywords and phrases that are relevant to your sector and match them to real web-searches made by wanting consumers. For example, monitoring search trends in terms such as ’24-hour flower delivery’ or ‘Mothers’ Day bouquet’ for your floristry business. You can then feed these popular terms directly into your social media strategy – both paid and organic - securing your spot in the relevant pool of search results to your target customers.


Get To Know Your Customers


Another way of understanding your customers more closely is through personalised interaction, content creation and excellent customer service. Social media is a great platform to enact these methods of communication – engaging in conversation on your Twitter mantle and/or Facebook page, collating customer comments, and encouraging reviews and queries about your products and services. Put these interactions to good use. Read the comments, respond to them if you can, or hire someone to do it for you.


Use the Reviews

Social Media Reviews

Once you have a bank of reviews together, promote them on your social media! Facebook reviews, hashtags, likes, retweets and other aspects of social media are a fantastic way for customers to communicate about their favourite (and least favourite) products and services.

As Khalid Saleh, CEO of conversion optimisation company, Invesp, states “90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a business.” 88% of which trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, be confident in your business, create a dialogue with your customers; that way, any positive and/or negative feedback comes to you via your social media. A direct and reciprocal relationship, advantageous and accumulative.


We, the Creators

Social Media Content

Whether it’s through written or visual media, online content creation can be a great way to incentivise new and existing customers to check out your wares - while teaching them a thing or two about the products/services your business sells too. Working concurrently with social media, business owners can share fun, educational content relevant to their particular sector. Promoting your brand, while simultaneously bolstering that all-important digital following!

So, if you’re in health and beauty for instance, consider writing a blog detailing the best hair care products on the market, or how best to wear that fancy new shade of eyeliner. If you’re in home improvement, perhaps create an instructional video explaining how to use that particular DIY set.

And with so many platforms to choose from, and so many types of media to experiment with, the world of online content creation is bountiful and expansive. Just add a hashtag and boom – free, well-informed advertising that can reach the masses with the click of a button.


Too Costly?

Small Business Costs

Executing a successful social media campaign for your brand can be a costly effort, especially when considering hiring extra staff to manage your content. That’s why Liberis offer a simpler funding solution, the Business Cash Advance, to support smaller businesses in their efforts to compete with the larger corporate chains and companies.

So, if you’re feeling up to the task, and want to feel the benefits of an integrated social media campaign for your business, why not give us a call or an email to find out more.

And perhaps consider following us on our social media too! Where we post weekly about topics and tips surrounding the world of business and how to run a successful enterprise. After all, better practice what you preach, especially when the benefits are numerous and the methods, creatively affluent.