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25 Awesome Benefits of Social Media for Business

25 Awesome Benefits of Social Media for Business

Social media is a great tool for a number of businesses but you may be sat there wondering how on earth it can work for you and your company.

In certain niches, it may be difficult to see how social media can be of any use, but with the vast and varied benefits of social media for business, it’s less a question of whether social media will be able to help your company – it’s a question of how.

Some of the key benefits of social media for business are:

1. Social media can help you and your content reach new audiences
2. Promoting blogs can ensure your current customers and followers don’t miss content
3. Using social media for business boosts your site’s SEO
4. Users are more receptive and likely to engage with your content
5. Social media allows you to build meaningful relationships with customers
6. Social media allows you to engage with events you attend or support, and network for opportunities
7. Using social media you can promote in innovate ways, such as using live video and real-time polls
8. Social media is ideal for engaging in current topics and trends to gain customer and media attention
9. Social media is an equal marketing platform for all businesses, with equal opportunity
10. Social media is free
11. You can find potential customers through tracking keywords and engaging with users who are already interested or looking for your product
12. Marketing on social media is made for sharing and generating traffic
13. You can get instant feedback on your products and services, and have direct dialogue with customers
14. Social media marketing builds brand loyalty
15. Social media advertising allows for ad re-marketing which have been proven to be more effective and produce better leads
16. You can stay in front of your customers so that when they need to buy, they are more likely to come to you
17. Social media still offers one of the best marketing ROI’s
18. Many social media platforms have excellent internal analytics, such as Facebook Insights, that allow you to further break down your success and reach

With all these exciting benefits for your business, it’s hard to see why any company would choose to pass up on the opportunities that social media and social media marketing offer. Each of these benefits from properly implementing social media into your business strategy means that you can reap a whole host of other rewards, including:
19. Increased brand awareness
20. Increased web traffic
21. Achieving higher rankings in search engine results (to help the above)
22. Getting more conversions
23. Improving brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, and gain understanding of their needs
24.Becoming an authority and an industry leader
25. Reducing marketing costs through more effective marketing

Once you’ve chosen your platforms and the strategy you want to pursue, you can look to dominate your industry in social media! Check out this video from Evan Carmichael with 7 tips and trends to tap into to help your business social media boss it:

So, if you’re interested in what social media can do for business and would like to speak to one of your social media experts – or simply need some help and guidance on how you can improve your current social media profiles – do get in touch!

We work with companies in a wide variety of niches and industries to help them create a social following that drives them web traffic, and combined with an SEO strategy, your social media can work seamlessly to support your website and help drive you sales.

What are you waiting for? Even if you’re not sure what you need yet, let’s have a chat. We can help you figure out what social media would be best for your business and start making you money – all for half the price of your current marketing!