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Advantages of Social Media Platforms in your Business Website

Advantages of Social Media Platforms in your Business Website

A website is a set of pages with a single domain that can be accessed via the internet. Almost every savvy business owner today owns their own website to either boost sales, showcase their services or products or, as is most often the case, accomplish both.

Business websites can help every individual see the services and products a business has to offer without physically visiting the company’s offices or showrooms, depending on the nature of the business. Having a website benefits a company in more than one way, but the major advantage is it provides an avenue for business growth. Business owners can connect their website to various social networking platforms. These tools can then be used to attract visitors to their website. Below are few of the major social networking sites that most people use and their specific advantages.

Facebook is one of the leading social networking platforms consisting of a significantly large number of users. Company owners can create a Facebook Page for their business where they can customise, upload pictures and post videos of any nature (within reason of course). More importantly, they can post updates about their products and service offerings. It’s important for Facebook pages to have an effective design. This will attract users to follow your page, given its appeal and relevant content. It’s been proven that posting events or content with an image will help you gain more followers. Most Facebook users don’t bother to check updates which consist purely of text.

Post events or thoughts your audience will enjoy and appreciate. This will prompt more sharing of your posts. Uploading pictures about your products along with information will help followers or potential customers know more about what you can provide without having to physically visit your company’s location, and then being directed to your website anyway.

Just like Facebook, Twitter can also be used as a tool for your business growth. Unlike Facebook, you can only post brief thoughts or descriptions. Twitter has a character limit of up to 140 characters per post. Most users or business owners post their updates with links to a product or a certain topic with the intention of directing readers to their website.

Twitter has several uses but is used primarily for specific reasons. Individuals use twitter for fast updates on their followers or friends. Business owners use Twitter as a marketing strategy tool. Like Facebook, users can also share information from other websites as well as ‘following’ what you or your organisation have to say as it is posted.

Your creativity really is key when it comes to Twitter due to the limited character count. And it’s imperative to post regularly to let your followers know that you’re still there!

When it comes to traffic, Pinterest is one of the most powerful social media platforms using images or photos. Pinterest provides the opportunity for business owners to post or advertise their products. You can link the category of your post by hashtags which are achieved by adding # before a word or phrase. For example, if your post is about “tools”, you can hashtag it by typing “#tools”. That way when people click it, they can easily see all posts that are related to “tools”.

Your Ideas
Do you have your social networking profiles set up on any or all of the social networking sites mentioned here? Are they helping you in any way? Feel free to let us know your thoughts by commenting on our Facebook Page.

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