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How to Install WordPress Subscription Plugin + Top Free Plugins to Use

How to Install WordPress Subscription Plugin + Top Free Plugins to Use

How to Install WordPress Subscription Plugin + Top Free Plugins to Use

Ivailo, you already wrote an article about how to install must have WordPress plugin, how this is different from the one here?

To tell you the truth, there aren’t a lot of differences during the installation process. No matter which plugin you are going to install, the steps are pretty much the same – you download the plugin, upload it from inside your WordPress dashboard, activate it and configure it. Or if the plugin is available inside the repository, you can install it straight from your WordPress dashboard. That’s basically it.

The hardest part is actually finding a suitable plugin and configuring it.

Even though there are hundreds of plugins available online, the majority of them aren’t working like they supposed to.

Here I am going to help you find and install the best free WordPress subscription plugins for your personal site.

Before we start figuring out how different plugins work, let me list the best free WordPress email subscription plugins I’ve ever stumbled upon:


Top Free WordPress Subscription Plugins

Install, test, delete… install, test, delete…

I was doing this for probably two weeks before I found the best free email opt-in plugins.

Yes, I know there are a lot of premium solutions with beautiful design and amazing features, however, when you are just starting, and you have a limited budget, you are looking for something free to start with, right?

Here are the ones I consider best free opt-in plugins:

1. SumoMe

SumoMe WordPress Subscription Plugin

Really powerful plugin offering complete solutions for growing your email list and your social shares. You can add cool popup and slide-in forms to increase your subscribers. Additionally, SumoMe has amazingly beautiful social media buttons to double your traffic from FaceBook and Twitter.

2. MailMunch

mailmunch pluginSlick opt-in forms that integrate with all major email marketing providers. You can create any type of form with MailMunch: embedded; pop-up, topbar position, slide-in or place it inside your sidebar section and more.

3. OptinCat 

OptinCat WordPress Subscription Plugin

OptinCat, or also known as MailChimp Forms by Optin Cat is a free and quite a popular plugin for growing your email list. The plugin works really fast and it’s super simple to setup.

They developers of the plugin also provide paid version with even more features included.

4. Optin Forms by Plugmatter

Optin Forms WordPress Subscription Plugin

No need to know HTML or CSS if you are planning to use this plugin. Pick a form, customize it and place it inside your posts or pages. Optin Forms comes with 5 beautiful designs and can be integrated with most of the email solutions.

5. HelloBar


WordPress subscription plugin owned by the famous blogger Neil Patel, this plugin will help you improve the effectiveness of your website. Get more email subscribers, increase your social shares and A/B test your messages to correct and improve your statistics.

These are my top 5 free email opt-in plugins that will help you grow your mailing list. Choose one, or tops two, plugins from the list above and start growing your audience.


How to Install and Configure SumoMe

If you read my other tutorial on how to install must have WordPress plugins, you know the drill:

Access your WordPress admin page > Go to plugins > Add New > Search for SumoMe:

Install WordPress Subscription PluginOnce the plugin is active, a blue arrow will appear on the right side of the screen showing you what to click:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 1

Create an account to use the tool:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 2

After you log into your SumoMe account you will see all available apps listed. The one we are going to configure now is the List Builder:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 3

The next screen will ask which plan you would like to use, you can upgrade anytime you want, but for now you can stick with the free option:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 4

The screen here allows you to configure the popup window in details. When you click on Design you can set the size of the screen, the mode of the screen, the text on the box, colors and etc. Don’t forget to save your progress along the way:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 5

Fields section is available only on the pro plan so we are skipping this option and jumping to the next one: Behavior.

You can set when the form should appear and after what period of time to popup again:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 6

The display rules section allows you to set where the form should and shouldn’t appear. You can hide it completely on pages or certain categories:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 7

Unfortunately, the free version of SumoMe can’t be connected with any third party services like MailChimp or MailerLite. To see all collected emails you need to click on emails:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 8

Here will be listed all of the people who subscribe to your list with additional statistics.


How to Configure MailMunch

Top WordPress subscription plugin!

MailMunch is on my list of must have WordPress plugins. It’s a really powerful plugin for growing your email list and the free version of the plugin will be enough to start with.

To install the plugin, access your Plugins Section > Add New > Search for MailMunch:Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 1

After activating the plugin, create a new form, by clicking on the link:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins

Select type of form:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 2

Choose type of design:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 3

Name your form:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 4

Tell your visitors why they should subscribe:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 5

Change the colors to fit your theme:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 6

Decide whether you want also the name of the subscriber. It’s a good thing do to if you want to make the future emails feel more personal:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 7

When and how the form to appear:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 8

Connect the form with your autoresponder. Now you can even use MailerLite, email marketing company which I personally recommend. Read more details about it reading through my MailerLite Review.

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 9

Activate the double opt-in and choose your list from the drop-down menu:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 10

The final screen will give you the option to upgrade your package. Click Finish to complete the process:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 11

One last thing, create MailMuch account to publish your form:

Install and Configure Top Free Must Have WordPress Plugins 12

You area all set. Your first form with MailMuch is ready and a


How to Install and Configure OptinCat

The name of the plugin inside the repository is actually MailChimp Forms by Optin Cat, you need to search for that name to find the plugin:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 9

After activating it, click on the newly appeared menu item > Add New Optin Form > Name the form > Choose layout:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 10

Use the form builder to create the perfect opt-in:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 11

As you can tell from the name of the plugin, Optin Cat can be integrated only with MailChimp. If you don’t have an account with them, you can easily create free one by visiting their website: MailChimp

Once you have an account with them, you will need to copy the API key. Click on your profile picture > Profile > Extras > API keys > you will see the key listed inside that screen:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 12

Copy and paste the code inside your OptinCat menu section:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 13

Choose your list and to which page new subscriber should be redirected. Also, set when the pop-up should appear.


Optin Forms by Plugmatter

The installation of the plugin can be made from inside your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins > Add new > Search for Optin Forms:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 14

After activating the plugin, a new menu item will appear on the right side. Click on it, choose your Email solution, for example, MailChimp. Form action URL is needed, by pressing the “?” button, step-by-step instructions will appear showing you from where to get this URL:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 15

The next step will be to design your form.

Click on Form > The free version allows you to choose from 5 different designs, on the bottom you will find how to change the colors and the fonts:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 16

Once you are satisfied with the design, click on Form Placement to set where the form should appear. Additionally, you can use the shortcode option to place it where ever you want:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 17


How to Configure HelloBar

The steps here are a bit different.

You need to access the official HelloBar site:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 18

Type your domain name and sign up with your Gmail account:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 19

Add your website by clicking Create New website:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 20

Select what is your goal. I am going for Growing my email list:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 21

Type what should be the message on your form and proceed:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 22

Select where to store your contacts. Choose one of the available email services. I am going to choose MailChimp, because they offer free account till you have 2000 subscribers:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 23

Login inside your MailChimp account to synchronize the two:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 24

Once they are synced, choose your list and click Done:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 25

Choose what info to collect from your visitors email + name or only email, and what should be the successful message once someone submits his email:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 26

The next screen will allow you to choose from 4 different styles: Bar; Modal; Slider or Page takeover:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 27

Choose one and configure it:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 28

Adjust the color and the text to match your website and proceed:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 29

Set who would you like to see this for and how often to appear. Save and publish:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 30

Keep in mind that it might take a while the form you just configured to appear. Clear the browser cache and cookies if needed:

Install WordPress Subscription Plugin Install WordPress Subscription Plugin 31


Final Thoughts

If you are serious about making your online business successful, you absolutely need to install WordPress subscription plugin, believe me.

When people subscribe to your list, this means they are interested in what you have to say, which will affect your revenue in a positive way.

Use one of the plugins above to capture emails and don’t forget to give something appealing for free when people subscribe.