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10 Free WordPress Email Subscription Plugins To Grow Email Subscribers

10 Free WordPress Email Subscription Plugins To Grow Email Subscribers

Are you struggling to get traffic to your blog ?


That would be  probably because you might have not put effort to build an Email List .

Yes !!!  you heard me right building an email list is one of core pillar when you try to grow your blog in today’s market where millions of blog are created every day and  email Subscription plugins will help to achieve this task.

But first you need to understand why it is important !!!. People come to blog, read content and leave and there is no guarantee they will come again, until you  take responsibility to convert your visitors into lifelong  customers  by convince them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Your newsletter subscribers should be your most precious customers , who visits your blog again and again and spread the word about it , that’s why you should be focus on email list building, which will eventually in long term give you enormous benefit.

Today you ask any renown bloggers, they will say large amount of their blog traffic comes from their email list subscribers. If you are content marketer or blogger then you must know that your newsletter subscribers are oxygen to your blog . If you don’t get subscribers, your blog will die a painful death in today’s internet market .

Everyday you are working hard on content creation so why don’t you take sensible step to lead generation by proper optimizing your blog to let user subscribe to your newsletter .

It has been proven email marketing works better than sharing content on social media. Many users do not check social media on regular basis so if you share something on social media  most of  your readers will not catch  glimpse of your content, but they do check their emails everyday so definitely if they see mail from your latest post they will come and take a look at your content . That’s why email marketing is so important today in blogging .

If you are low on budget and don’t want to spend on paid newsletter wordPress plugins to create email subscription forms don’t worry , there are lots of good free newsletter plugin for wordpress available in market which will work wonders for you.

I have curated a list of free email subscription plugins which will help you to grow subscribers and eventually drive traffic to your blog.

List of 10 Free WordPress Email Subscription Plugin
1. MailMunch – Grow Your Email Subscribers

Email Subscription Plugin MailMunch

MailMunch is awesome plugin to get more email subscribers. Using MailMunch you can create beautiful opt-in forms for your WordPress  without writing single line of code. I am using MaillMunch in my TechMazic and Influence Blog  and till now very satisfied with service. It helps you to convert your visitors into customers,  this is so called email marketing.

Key Features of MailMunch Plugin :

i) Opt-in Form Types

Provides four types of opt-in form which is customizable such as Top Bar , Popup , Scroll Box and Side Bar

ii) Integration with Email Services

If you don’t want MailMunch  to store the information of email subscribers , you can integrate with email services like  MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, InfusionSoft or any other email marketing service. Although MailMunch also stores email address in very clean format which you can download in CSV format as well.

iii) A/B testing

This features helps you to determine which opt-in is performing better  to grab email subscribers for your blog


You can set display rules which will display opt-in forms to specific page post or category

v) Entry/Exit Features

It helps you to choose when to display popup opt-in , either visitors opens your site or when they are about to exit your website .

vi) Analytics

Find out which pages, posts and opt-in forms are responsible to bring your more email subscribers which will help you in future to curate content on specific topics and improve your lead generations techniques

2. Email Subscribers 

Email Subscription Plugin Email Subscribers

This plugin provides you subscription box and allow users to subscribe to blog by submitting  their email address . You can easily place this box at your sidebars (Use Widget ) , Posts(Use Short code) and theme file (Use PHP code )

Apart from email subscription facility, it provides other interesting features as well such as separate HTML editor to prepare newsletter to send to subscribers and (optional) email notification  to subscribers whenever new post published on website

Key Features of Email Subscribers Plugin:

i) Subscription Box  which you put on your blog using (Widget, Short Code or PHP code ).

ii) Email notification to subscribers when new posts is published on blog.

iii) Provides option to send schedule newsletter emails at specific time to subscribers.

iv) Email Notification to Admin when user sign up (optional).

v) Automatic welcome email to subscribers (Optional).

vi) Unsubscribe link option in an email.

vii) Double opt in and single opt-in in facility for subscribers.

viii) You can import and export list of subscribers.

ix) Separate HTML editor to compose Newsletters.

3. Email Popup by Optin Cat 

Email Subscription Plugin Email Popup by Optin Cat

This free wordpress popup plugin is awesome to increase your email subscribers. It’s simple plugin with powerful opt-in forms . Yes you heard me right it provides eye catching opt-in forms which can work wonders for you.

Suppose you write absolutely great content on your blog and installed email popup by opt in cat plugin to get more subscribers, so what will happen next ????

Visitors come to your blog, they like your content (but earlier they used to leave blog without subscribing to your newsletter because of dull subscription form which you have put on sidebar, which was not encouraging users to sign up or hardly catching their attention). And then your wonderful subscription form pops up in front of them, believe me most of the visitors will subscribe to your newsletter, because they already like your content . That way you can generate tons of leads for your blog.

Building  the email list is one of the core setups of blog which will help your blog to stay in market.

Email Popup by Optin Cat works with almost any email-marketing provider, including MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Drip, Active Campaign, MailPoet, Constant Contact, iContact, and SendinBlue.

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4. Sumo Me -Free Tools to grow your Email List, Social Sharing and Analytics

Email Subscription Plugin Sumo Me

Sumo Me provides free tools which help you to grow blog . It provides cool tools for email subscription , sharing the content on social media or optimize the content by Google Analytics.

Let’s talk about how to grow email list using Sumo Me , we all know the most important asset to your blog is email list, which will help you to drive traffic or promote content  to your website by just sending notification of new posts to your readers .

Sumo Me provides fancy light pop boxes to grow your email list. You can decide when to show up this box , whether after few seconds visitors has been on your website or when they hover mouse away from the page.

Also provides Scroll Boxes, which can easily slide after visitors finishes reading the content.

Also Provides Smart Bar , which sits nicely at the top of website and act as constant reminder of subscribing to newsletter.

Key Features of Sumo Me Plugin :

i) Provides Light Popup  Boxes , Scroll Box , and Smart Bar.

ii) You can customize the light boxes like background/button  color , text color, text font etc.

iii) Show pop up when they about to leave website or after few seconds when they enter website.

iv) List Builder pop up plugin  is optimized for Mobile. Mobile visitors is just as valuable as web visitors.

v) Integration with email-marketing services and send collected email address to them. Including MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response and many more.

vi) Export subscribers in .CSV format.

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5. Email Subscription Pop Up

Email Subscription Plugin Email Subcription Pop up

WP Email subscription popup is another free plugin to convert visitors into customers by encouraging them to sign up for newsletter.

This pop plugin is easy to use and can also be used as widget or link. You can provide a link on website for subscription of Newsletter, when visitors click on that link pop up window will appear for subscription.

Key Features of Email Subscription Pop Up Plugin :

i) Newsletter Subscription.

ii) In admin section, you can view list of subscribers.

iii) Provides the option to delete Subscribers from list.

iv) Responsive Design.

v) You can use this plugin as newsletter widget on blog.

Although PRO version of this plugin provides more cool features such as :

i) Send Mass Email to subscribers

ii) Customize Newsletter Templates

iii) Import / Export Subscribers

iv) Provide Username, email, unsubscribe link place holders while sending emails.

v) View Unsubscribers  list and ability to manage them.

6. Optin Crusher 

Optin Crusher free plugin helps you to get visitors on your email subscribers list in a very gentle way without interrupting or annoying your visitors, which will decrease bounce and exit rates and increase optin rates

Installation of this plugin is super easy and tons of videos are available on website which will guide you to install this plugin step by step without any programming Cool isn’t it !!!

Watch this video to install Optin Crusher 

7. Comment Redirect

If visitors are commenting on your website, then I guess you are really lucky and you should treat them really special because they are taking time to express their view on your content. Its your responsibility to nurture your relationship with your first time commentors.

Comment redirect is powerful plugin  which will redirect your first time commentor to “Thank You” page where you can convince them to  subscribe your newsletter for further update on blog or else you also ask them  to like your Facebook etc .

This works really like charm because most of the first time commentors often gets convert into subscribed customers to your blog.

If you want to see real powerful example, you should read this blog post by Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media.

8. Icegram 

Email Subscription Plugin Icegram

Icegram is awesome plugin to capture more email subscribers. It is easy to use and provides  more options than many paid plugin in market and still Free !!!

Icegram will decrease bounce rates, increase engagement and  grab visitors attention  with its powerful unique marketing plugin.

Key Features of Icegram Plugin

i) Gives you pop-up, headers bars , messengers/scrollboxes, footers bars , basically all types to opt-in  one plugin.

ii) Provides powerful targeting rules which helps to show pop ups o r scroll boxes specific to post pages and categories.

iii) No forceful display of Icegram branding in your messages.

iv) Unique headline generator for ideas.

v) Beautiful and customization of theme designs which will not slow down your website.

Overall its complete package and you will get everything in one plugin to do email-marketing at great pace.

9. Welcome Gate 

Do you badly want to get email subscribers without interrupting your visitors?

Could it be possible to increase your opt-in rates 10 times in comparison to pop up subscription?

Then Welcome Gate is elegant solution to get more email subscribers to your blog in today’s market world.

A Welcome Gate is a cross between a popup and a squeeze page. But it’s far less annoying and aggressive than both (while still delivering serious results).

You can watch below video’s to learn how Welcome Gate behaves.

How easily you can create one !!!

10. Hello Bar

Email Subscription Plugin Hello Bar

Hello Bar free plugin helps you to create a header bar which will be nicely place at the top of your website and without annoying your visitors , remind them to subscribe your newsletter.

Key Features of Hello Bar Plugin :

i) Targeting

It helps you to show hello bar at specific post and pages

ii) Integration

iii)Integration with different email-marketing service which will collect your visitors email address like MailChimp , Aweber and many more.

Use Hello Bar to redirect visitors to landing pages where you can provide them Free download of Ebook software or any other services

It is simple and eye catching plugin which will definitely help you to capture lead and audience engagement.

Last thing to my readers ,

Let me know in comments which of the above plugins you are using in your website or what are the other good email subscription sharing plugins available in WordPress repository.